It's no use

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It's No Use

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 Last Updated 04/10/96
C7 Well, it ain't no use for you to cry, F7 Woman you best just dry your eyes, C7 G7 You hurt me so, I want you to know, C7 G7 It's too late, It's too late. There was a time you was my pride and joy Woman I loved you like a child loves a toy You done me wrong, now you wanna come home But it's too late, it's too late F Em I-I-I-I-I-I wanted you, Dm C You wanted someone else. Bb C You went away and left me here Dm Em Left me all by my, left me all by my, Dm G7 Left me all by myself Now, it's your turn to cry, pay for your mistakes Woman I loved you, but it's too late You hurt me so, I want you to know It's no use, It's no use


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