I Need A Miracle

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I Need A Miracle

Shakedown Street


 Last Updated 04/18/96
E7 I need a woman 'bout twice my age, E7 A lady of nobility, gentility and rage -- E7 A splendor in the dark -- lightnin' on the draw. E7 We'll go right through the book, And break each and every law. A E7 I got a feeling, and it won't go away. oh, no. B Just one thing, then I'll be okay. E7 I need a miracle every day. I need a woman 'bout twice my height -- Statuesque, raven-tressed, a goddess of the night With a secret incantations, candles burning blue. We consult the spirits. Maybe they'll know what to do. And it's real, and it won't go away. Oh, no. Can't get around it, and I can't run away. I need a miracle every day. I need a woman 'bout twice my weight -- A ton of fun, who packs a gun with all that other freight. Find her in a sideshow. Leave her in L.A. Ride her like a surfer riding on a tidal wave. And it's real. Believe what I say, oh yeah. Just one thing that I got to say: I need a miracle every day. A It takes dynamite to get me up. E7 Too much of everything is just enough. A One more thing: I just got to say, E7 I need a miracle every day! A I need a miracle every day


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