Patterns to Success Part II

The Patterns to Success Part 2


You'll hopefully see as we move along in explanation
that these 5 patterns with a couple deletions or an
alteration or two can be applied to all different kinds
of scales and solos.

Later on a cheat sheet will be posted to play different
scales with simple changes.

but a further exploration of the patterns has to be
attained first.

Each individual note represents both a number and a name.

Let's examine pattern #1

It is in C Ionian and of course movable but let's look
at the notes.

C Ionian C D E F G A B

C=1 Root
D=2 Dorian
E=3 Phyrgian
F=4 Lydian
G=5 Mixolydian
A=6 Aeolian
B=7 Locrian

Of course there are other names for this but for our
purposes for this lesson. Two is enough.

Numerical and Modal name.

Now of course these change as the patterns move but it's
important to grasp this.

When someone says sharpen the 4th.(in Ionian) You know to sharpen the Lydian note in the patterns.

Now it's important to grasp all the parameters of it.

The 7th of Ionian is the Locrian note but the 7th of
Aeolian is the Mixolydian note.

The patterns always stay the same. They just move up and down.

If I say pattern #1 in D Ionian it is going to be a different
pattern #1 then E Ionian but again it is the same 5
patterns moving up or down.

I know you are a little confused but as I explain more and
more you will see the light.

Then an explanation of a solo given will allow you to
hit the right notes while also including some of your
own ear and flavoring.

Go over the patterns in C Ionian and find the modal/number
names in them.

I'm Daryl this is my brother Daryl and my other brother