Chalk Talk III part II

Chalk Talk part 3 part two 

Well we were talking about added notes particulary in
the minor scale pentatonic or blues scale previously.

We mentioned that the #3rd as it is often referred to is
added to the pent minor scale.

You probably know that pent minor scales sound awful good
over dominant 7th chords and are traditionally used to solo
over such chords.

What are some other added notes to pent minor scales?

One addition is the natural 3rd.

Every scale is compared to the major scale even pent scales
so the natural 3rd is just that the 3rd of the major scale.

A min pent A C D E G
natural 3rd C#

As you can see the 3rd is C#. This is the biggest reason
a major chord is a major chord. Therefore this added note
would clash over minor chords and should not be played over
such chords.

Another addtition is the 6th (yes natural 6th)
Where as many minor scales have a flat 6th.
Like Aeolian and Phyrgian
A natural 6th is much more smoother and adds a jazzier touch
to your soloing.

A final addition for the day is the 9th(yes natural but you
got the idea about that)

The 9th (or 2nd same thing) is alot smoother sounding than
the flat 2nd of phyrgian and again gives it more of a jazzier touch.

Finally start playing with your thumb.
You'll never regret having that extra finger to hit bass notes and you just can't play Hendrix decently without the
thumb. Start out with the intro riff given on this site for
Althea and play that sliding note on the the low E string
with your thumb.

Experiment with open chords moved down the neck.You'll probably find alot of things you like. Get back with me for
further ideas if needed.