Chalk Talk III

Chalk Talk 3

Well we've heard alot of talk about flat 3rd and flat 5th
added to major scales like Ionian and Mixolydian but what
about minor scales and pentatonics in general?

When speaking of pentatonics. By definition you mean a scale
containing 5 notes this however is usally not the case with
many players as they add extra notes or even delete notes
and add notes.

The most common additions are the flat 3rd to the major
pentatonic scale and the sharp 3rd to the minor pentatonic

These numerical definitions can become confusing

A maj pent A B C# E F#

A maj (Ionian) A B C# D E F# G#

flat 3rd C

As you can see the flat 3rd of A maj pent is C and that
is also the flat 3rd of A Ionian.
This is a nice way of playing with that minor major tonalty

Everything fits into a nice package
This is unfortunately not the case with minor.

A min pent A C D E G

A min (Aeolian) A B C D E F G

# 3rd D#

The term sharp 3rd is used when referring to this note in
A min pent. Unfortunately it would be termed flat 5th when
speaking of A Aeolian.

This difference in terms is because of the makeup of the
scale itself. One must be always mindful not to simply
transfer the same lingo into Aeolian as it might not
always work.

Players like to add different notes to the minor pent then
the major pent.

For instance the natural 4th is a common addition to
major pent and the natural 2nd or 9th is a common addition
to minor scales.

I can get into more detail but of course the further you
go there will be some chords you just can't play over with some additions but they are all very important.

We'll leave some of that for another rainy day.

How come Donna was repeatedly out of key on various G D

This is actually one for the ages and a very complex question.

First they really wasn't a system set up where she was
able to hear herself.

Who knows from her position on stage, her proximity to which
and what amplification, venue acoustics, crowd noise, her
understanding of harmony in a rock band and one with this
amount of musicians, the effect and level of percussion,
her ability to pickup key changes quickly by ear, her
overall knowledge of all the numbers, and was she to
sing with the melody line or over it.

In any event she was out of key many times.

Something I don't know if she ever admitted to much less
gave any explanation of. She was very eratic sometimes in
the pocket sometimes overbearing and sometimes frankly
way out of key.

Anyway you look at it it's a fun topic with hundreds of
valid explanations and or excuses.