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 #99255  by Jon S.
 Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:12 pm
Tiger-caster, meet Rosebud-caster.

Phil Jacoby built the Tiger-caster by hand, literally from planks of wood. All of its inlay is real. It's PUPs are 2 Fralin Unbuckers and a Fralin Steel Pole 43.

Phil also built the Rosebud-caster from a Warmoth neck and body. All of its inlay are Jocomo stickers. It's PUPs are 2 Super IIs and a Super Distortion.

Couple of interesting things about the new guitar. It's actually "old-new." Phil first built it for me in 2006 with the Fralins that are now in the hand-built one. I played it for a couple of years as a prototype, learned through experience of all my design mistakes and preferences and applied the knowledge - and much of its hardware - into the Tiger-caster which I took possession of last year. Then we planed its neck, routed, refinished, and reassembled the 1st one.

The two guitars sound quite different. The different PUPs, in particular, seem to make a huge difference. My first reactions are that I'm really digging the Super IIs and Super Distortion on the Rosebud-caster. I love what Phil did with their wiring. The minitoggles are actually 3-way switches giving me each PUP as a full 'bucker (both coils in series), split, and both coils together in parallel (for a single coil-ish, tight, mildly quacky, very Strat-y tone). I didn't even know this was possible until he did it.

Both have OBELs and UGBs. It's nice having both!

 #99539  by keirweir
 Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:15 am
Adam Deckard wrote:Dude those nike shoes in the background look just like the ones Michael J Fox wore in Back to the Future 2.
 #99618  by Jon S.
 Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:52 am
Thanks, but to be fair, my guitars are nowhere near being Tiger and Rosebud clones, they're rather inspired by them (I like that Jerry dude but my gear and sound are for me). :oops: :smile: