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 #94935  by tcsned
 Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:30 pm
Hey people,
I've been using my Lexicon MPX-G2 pretty much only as my delay but I think I want to start incorporating it a little more now that I'm going through a gear transformation. I use a Haz MUIII and a T-Rex Dr Swamp overdrive and will keep using those but am looking to use the phase shifter, chorus, Univibe, octave, maybe a couple of other random things along with the delay using the "input+efx loop" connections.

Right now my signal path is:
guitar-->MUIII-->Dr Swamp-->Lexicon stomp box effects (octave, Orange Phaser, chorus, Univibe)-->SMS Classic-->Lexicon delay (+speaker sim if going direct)-->Mesa Mark III effects loop return-->2x12 Mesa cab.

Anyone out there using one of these? If so are you doing anything different?