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 #94473  by jdsmodulus
 Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:45 am
So lets discuss the switches inside the HAZ+.
How does this even work?
When did it start?
Can we mod it?
What are the JG settings?

 #94484  by Pete B.
 Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:24 am
The manual can be found here. Note which manual to use by the serial number of your unit.

Summary of DIP switch settings
1 ON lowers the frequency of the low range (only).
2 ON lowers the frequencies of low and high ranges.
3 ON increases the sensitivity of the envelope generator to all but the quietest part of the input signal.
4 ON greatly increases the sensitivity of the envelope generator to the loudest part of the input signal.
5 ON increases the response of down-drive.
6 ON enables the low-battery light to function as an sweep-limit indicator.

I had one.
Main complaint... The on/off button was intermittant.
I didn't think it sounded bad, and liked the DIP switch mods.
The unit takes alot of heat for not being a true clone, and apparently bad blood between the new/old owner of the patent (I'm not sure I have the story straight here, someone else might chime in).
In the end, I did what the original designer reccomended and sold it and got an original MuIII (the guy I sold it to fixed the button and says he loves it for Pedal Steel, which is what I used it for at the time).
 #94524  by jdsmodulus
 Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:05 am
Excellent info Pete! Exactly what I was after. Thanks! :hail:
 #94782  by Gr8fulGreg
 Thu Mar 03, 2011 11:47 pm
I just got a HAZ mutron from Ebay.... hope i wasnt bidding against you!... I will let you know how it souns when it gets here (3-4 days).. I have been using a micro q tron and it just hasnt been cuttin it for me... oh well time for a new pedel... and i new fight with my girlfriend about how i spent 180 bucks on somthing else for my guitar.... "dont you have enough shit already?!"
-me "define enough.."
 #94789  by JonnyBoy
 Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:33 am
Sometimes I hear things like, "It is a completely different circuit" but when you look inside, relatively it is almost identical. I can't comment on this pedal v's a MuIII, but I wonder if the pedal can be "rebuilt" into an original MuIII with what is in there, ie: change component values, and add or subtract from circuits to obtain a super close rendition. That may be a profitable kit right there... I wonder if it exists.

I think TCSNED had one and really liked it too.
 #94790  by TI4-1009
 Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:44 am
CAE makes rebuild kits for the MuTronIII, I wonder if you could scarf parts from those to "upgrade" other EFs?

Mutron III
02050 Rebuild Kit, Parts Only w/Hard Wire Bypass Switch 60.00
02050 Rebuild Kit, Installed (Not Including S&H) 210.00
171088MP Mutron III Power Supply 49.00
 #94791  by tcsned
 Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:56 am
I do love mine - I had one of the early Q-Trons and it didn't work well for me I got the Haz MUIII (I believe it was their first run too) and stopped looking. It isn't the "+" model - do only the + models have the dip switches? I never looked inside to see what was there.

Envelope filters are perhaps the most touchy effect of them all and they seem so specific to the guitar and player so that one person's favorite will totally not work for the next guy. There's been a bunch on the market since I last checked one out so some of these new ones might be even better. I still kick myself for throwing away my Musitronics MUIII away in the mid 80s because the input or switch went bad. :cry:
 #94793  by JonnyBoy
 Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:13 am
TI4-1009 wrote:CAE makes rebuild kits for the MuTronIII, I wonder if you could scarf parts from those to "upgrade" other EFs?

Mutron III
02050 Rebuild Kit, Parts Only w/Hard Wire Bypass Switch 60.00
02050 Rebuild Kit, Installed (Not Including S&H) 210.00
171088MP Mutron III Power Supply 49.00
huh, I assumed it was an update kit, like new caps and such, not a whole rebuild. If they had an etched board to wire it on that would be the deal.
 #94803  by jdsmodulus
 Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:19 pm
For the record, I believe Waldo has a build kit for Envolopes? Not sure but I think so. Im bidding on a Qtron so maybe Ill get that so I can compare. Incedently I did get to go over by Ruks over the summer and we A/B the Haz along with a few vintage Musictronics....I couldnt tell and mine looked better! I do notice that the Haz likes the GCX Buffer way more than standing on its own.
 #94850  by gdrfk1990
 Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:36 pm
I love mine I never understood the people on here dissing it I tried the Q-tron in the store and did not like it I bought the MutronIII+ and it's great I fiddled with the switches til I got the garcia sound that was 10 years ago forgot all about those switches nevermind how I set them I would also like to know where people set the switches for the best Garcia tone
 #94856  by bdhact1
 Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:08 pm
I believe the beef most people have with the HAZ Labs is that it is mostly digital rather than analog like the Original Mutron III and the Q-tron.
 #94859  by jdsmodulus
 Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:08 pm
Well I bit the bullet and bought a Qtron just to see. This one is near new in the wood box. I think its the original run but Im not sure of that...I will report back when it arrives!
 #95012  by Gr8fulGreg
 Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:27 am
MY HAZ just got here today But i will be at work until 6 in the morn... My poor neighbors are going to be pissed when i get home at 6 AM and try it out for a few hours... ill put up vids when ive fully played with it :-)
 #95875  by jaybird1
 Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:58 am
i had a HAZ labs Mutron it sucked compared to my Musitronics Micro V!!
i let it go on ebay years ago.
weak sounding copy
just save ur cash get a real
Mu tron product
just my .02
 #95880  by JonnyBoy
 Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:57 pm
I think the only envelope filter I can dub the "SUCKS" description was the newest Boss version. I got it when I though my Qtron died and the thought of having a smaller pedal and its instant availability enticed me to it. I returned it the next day. But I should say, it sucks for the Jerry thing. It actually had some nice musical envelope tones, just not my cup of pea.

Still my Q+ does the job well, and the HAZ seems to follow along the same vintage Mu tone also. Can Mu products sound more like Mu products, I guess so! I think the kicker for a workable Jerry envelope pedal is a circuit trying to copy that tone. Since most pedal makers want to make different sounding pedals (like boss), I think ALL the ones that try to base its sound off the Mu3 are acceptable and musical for Dead/Jerry songs. I have played mine with recordings blaring through my Gdec and the pedal is almost identical, but even Jerry changed his settings here and there over the years to get different sounds from the pedal.