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 #92087  by Cmnaround
 Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:59 am
Look at some of the reviews and feedback an the tone tubby site. You need to order these online through a dealer, buy worth the few days wait. I run a mix of the AlNiCo and ceramic 12s in a 2x212. They refer to this as the H-bomb configuration - gives you a nice mix of the warmer AlNiCo with the a bit more crunchy ceramic. Hand made in San rafael -
 #92094  by strumminsix
 Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:30 am
tastyjams wrote:Ah sweet! I'm almost completely in love with my twin, so i would say i'm in the 90% range. I'm going to Guitar Center on Sunday, I'll see if i can try out some speakers there. the local places definitely don't do that though. The Cannabis Rex looks really nice, and also a little more in my price range. Any tips on breaking them in fast? i heard it takes a quite a while.
Awesome!!! I betcha if you read thegearpage someone has them for sale. I was watching for someone last year and found 2 pairs in a month!

But if you buy new I'd say just play the hell out of it. I know some say do this or that but to me NOTHING beats a speaker broken in by playing.

I tried running music via ipod into a cab for a few hours and it did feel a bit looser but I don't think the tone changed enough to hear a difference in a band setting.

I looked on TGP but only saw single speakers for sale. Then again you have to also try searching for the multiple wrong ways that folks spell cannabis :)
 #92142  by tastyjams
 Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:01 pm
yeah, i just called my local music store, and it urns out they'll order any speakers for me, and i have $200 credit, so it looks like c rex's might be the way to go :P