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 #85800  by lunasparks
 Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:27 pm
Not that I can't do it with ears (maybe not?)...

...but I have a K110 and was curious as to what the frequency-response graph looks like. No doubt the tools to create one are beyond my kin. Even something for D, K, E 110/120 would be interesting to me, as I can't find squat on the web. Folks say hi-fi but whatever that means, maybe it's more like mid-scoop and light on the low end???
 #85802  by lunasparks
 Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:48 pm
I'll admit my ignorance...Waldo, I have this doc but what do I need to understand to make sense of how it answers my question?

Totally lost,

 #85805  by waldo041
 Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:17 pm

k110 ~ 60Hz - 8000Hz(8Khz)
k120 ~ 50Hz - 6000Hz(6Khz)

the other side of the graph would be in Db's, and with the K, E and D series is pretty linear throughout it's frequency response.

from a guitar standpoint the k110's are decent with the fundamental frequencies of the guitar as is the K120. however the higher harmonic content, and/or air will be passed 2000Hz(2Khz) more with the K110 then the K120. pretty noticeable diference in this area. that is why you hear the term Hi-Fi related to the K110. Looking at the Bass side of the frequencies of the k110 and you will see 10Hz less then the k120. while that is not too substantial when looking at the fundamental frequencies of the guitar, it does lack those 10Hz that an effect like the boss oc2 will definately fall into using.


 #85806  by JonnyBoy
 Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:24 pm
I do not have the training to explain something as in depth as what waldo showed us, but I do understand the deal of what he is saying. I Love my K-110's I use them in a 2x10 cab which allows for me to drive them a little harder with the amp. To me, they are my favorite speakers, But the E-120 does it right in a loud setting for me and very close to the k-110 in good tone. I wouldn't want to run my POG divider with the tens, maybe even the envelope filter at high levels. The tens work hard. I did gig with them once and it was a better sounding rig for a small bar or a living room. 50 watt amp, preamp and 2x10 and I had to be told to turn down some. I noticed issue with octave divider pedal and its low frequencies plus the Qtron too. I just got scared something would pop. for regular guitar clean tone or even overdriven the sound is like butter. I think they are looked over thinking they cant handle some sound. They can do it all and do it well. Jerry style doesn't need a subwoffer of a speaker to get good tone, and a good spectrum of mids and low mids seem to be there, giving the signal body.

I still prefer a 12" for a gig because it is more rugged and made for it. I like the tens as my personal use kinda thing and special times I only need something 1/2 as powerful. Good God!! a JBL E can take 300watts, you don't always need something like that. I think the K-110 60-70 watts at these ages RMS. I try to use 40 for 2x10 and its loud, but no more headroom. I am not sure if this helps you...just kinda rambling about them.
 #85808  by lunasparks
 Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:22 am
waldo - thanks again for the detailed response. I guess it was the degree of linearity I was thinking about rather than the range, so I think we were talking past each other -- in other words, I was interested in how linear it would look. And your response tells me pretty linear. By the way, this comes from me seeing a graph of some Neo speaker recently (can't remember which) and it had this bizarre high/mid spike and it got me thinking about what the JBL would look like and wondering exactly how flat it would be. Bottom line, now being a JBL owner I have to say it's love at first note....
 #85811  by SarnoMusicSolutions
 Fri Aug 27, 2010 5:30 am
I've had a hard time finding an actual spectral response curve that shows the details and linearity (overall EQ) of the JBL's. I can tell you that they tend to have a much flatter response than most "guitar" speakers which tend to have an intense treble spike. The JBL's are more linear, or flat, and also with the help of the metal dustcap, they extend the high frequency response a bit higher than most guitar speakers.

The 10" series JBL's use a 3" voice coil compared to the 12" series which uses a 4". That's partly why the 10" speakers have a bit more high crisp energy and the 12" speakers are a hair darker up there, maybe in the 8kHz to 10kHz range. The smaller, lighter 3" voice coil is lighter and faster and more efficient in the extreme high treble. But other than the 10" being a hair glassier up top, I find they also do a nice and close Jerry tone overall.