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 #85430  by TI4-1009
 Fri Aug 20, 2010 6:50 am
Hi guys- first post here for me. I've lurked at RUkind for many years, mainly for the tabs. I've been on the bus since the late 60's (first "show" was at Woodstock!) and I've played guitar sometimes on and sometimes off over the years. I'm a lefty- currently a tele, Ric 12, Yamaha accoustic, Turser 335 knock-off and Rogue Hofner bass. Vox Valvetronics 120 and Fender Champ 12. Right now I'm in the middle of replacing the Am Std body on my tele with a Warmoth butterscotch blonde vinage body and Callaham bridge. Next project will be a close-to-tiger repro based on the Warmoth WGD. But enough about me...

I'm not real clear on where I'm hearing Jerry's effects when I listen to him play. OK, I got the envelope filter ;-), but I'm not so sure on most of the others (I haven't used many pedals myself- a little distortion, chorus, and compression). Can you help point me to typical songs or parts of songs where he's using his various effects? I'm a semi-gearhed and I know what he used- I just need a better understanding of when I'm hearing them. If this has been discussed before, just point me. I searched around and found a few specifics, but not a general discussion. Thanks!
 #85446  by playingdead
 Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:34 am
Well, the "rarer" effects are easier to spot ...

Phaser: Candyman solo, Waiting for a Miracle (whole song)

Phaser + Dist. Plus: That's the Far From Me and Tons of Steel tone

Octave plus Mutron: Feel Like a Stranger

Octave alone: Second verse of Feel Like a Stranger, end vocal break Looks Like Rain

Overdrive: Everywhere ... Hell in a Bucket, Loser solo, Alabama Getaway Solo, St. Of Circumstance, Need a Miracle etc. etc. etc.

Delay: More prevalent in Garcia Band stuff, listen to I Shall Be Released or Stop That Train solos ...
 #85450  by JonnyBoy
 Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:52 am
Vic has a great list there, if you mix it with the thread about when he used only his "Clean Tone" you will have a much larger list of what to use and where.

Fire- envelope, end of song- octave

West LA- sometimes some "GRIT" on the Solo, which can be done on a lot of clean tunes, subtle OD during the solo

Estimated- envelope

Terripin- Solo and ending can have some subtle grit, usually switching between clean and OD during the end quite frequently on obel; sometimes MIDI. he could be switching guitar pickups also single/humbucking not sure.

Yet in the end, the songs with his clean tone is the real list, makes you realize you could put on a dead show with a guitar, amp and no effects if you had to.