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 #75066  by JonnyBoy
 Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:08 pm
Hey Smellers and Fellers,

I have recently gone into creative mode with my carpentry and built some high grade gear for a LOW grad price. Pictured is my Mini Jerry Station. It is a 2x12 inspired by Hard Trucker's and a gear rack inspired by the Fat Mans Hard Trucker's 80's Rack. All Baltic Birch trimmed in Mahogany, Oak and Heart of Pine. The rack sits snugly on top of the speaker with a locking system( wood ralis on bottom fit between the trim on top of the cab), and because those Speakers are so heavy the damn thing is a brick house. Gear inside is a R.K.Butler Real Tube(preamp sucks) mosvalve RT-2100 (100 watt Hybrid SS amp clean and clear), Korg DTR-2, Qtron+, POG2, LPB1,Boss EQ and compressor. My band plays a variety of music, but we sport some Dead tunes. This is my first attempt at doing something like this and the sound is amazing, or relative to what I had before. I am still waiting on a '65 twin reverb tube preamp being made for me by a boutique amp maker friend. Since he's doing it cheap, he's taking his time. I thought I would share, since I am surprised it turned out as cool as it did.

Peace to all! Jonny Boy
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 #75290  by Tennessee Jedi
 Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:39 am
Very cool !
I see you have a POG ...
Do you like it ?
Do you use it for a Dead sound ?
The octave sound ?
I like EH pedals ... they got vibe...
Looking good ....
 #75443  by JonnyBoy
 Tue Mar 09, 2010 1:08 am
Hey Y'all Thanks!!!

I will answer in order: I do love my EHX Pog2. It gives you REAL hammond organ sounds and through some good speakers and some amp power it sounds great for a sustain instrument in the mix. YOU WILL BLOW YOUR AMP WITH IT ON A PRACTICE AMP or at least it will sound like an atomic fart. Lots of cool stuff to do with it though. You can save presets for easy adjustment and recall. It was worth the money for me, for some it may be a little high. For the extra 100 you get the presets and WAY MORE TWEAKING POWER, to the point you never need a 12-16 string guitar, organ, soloing bassist, octave divider, Steel drums, plus some of the wildest space sounds you'll ever play for the dozing ones in the audience. EHX makes good products like Fender makes good twin amps. But so does Boogie,and Marshall, so whatever your poison. The organ rocks on our good lovin' cover. Its the sustaining instrument that adds the texture.
During practice I switch the knobs on and off with my hands at oppertune times in the song or an elbow with a held note. Live gigs its on the floor. The stuff on the back row is either always on or off.
The grill never rattles, or maybe I just can't hear it at huge volumes. Its temporary though. I will deal with filling the few holes in the future so my 6 yr old doesn't dent the aluminum caps on the speakers with his curious fingers. Small price to pay to live with such an animal as a 6yr old I have speaker covers that go directly over the speaker on order. Then comes the Dye later when I have the time and notion. I get my '65 fender twin preamp next week, he punched the board and is soldering slowly as we speak. I will update with the tone later. In the mean time I changed out the preamp tubes in the Mosvalve and WOW it needed that, I took out the heavy metal stackers and added some cleaner love. Sorry Mr. Butler for the "Sucks" remark, it wasn't your fault. Poison and Trickster were really popular then. He is actually a well respected guy in amplification, with such artists as David Gilmore, Jerry Garcia, one of the ZZ Top dudes, the guy from Brooks and Dunn and Jonny Boy in Mississippi using his gear.