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 #5671  by tigerstrat
 Wed May 17, 2006 3:43 pm
Sorry I have to hide behind my protective keyboard and can't be with you in person to tell you what a ridiculous claim this is, but I can't be everywhere at once. And I'm not going to email about this nonsense in hiding-I mean in private- when you have created this handy forum page where we can all discuss...

LOOK at the cab. Yes, it looks very nice, but it's a 4-way fullrange speaker system- why would anyone think it was made for guitar applications? How does a guitar sound through it? Like Jerry's brittle 94-95 "faux-acoustic" tone? That would not be surprising.

And I don't want to argue about whether the company was called Hard Trucker or if it was still part of Alembic at the time of manufacture- that doesn't really interest me. I'll just stop at the fact that it's not even a guitar cab- why offer it for sale as such?

 #5672  by phpbb
 Wed May 17, 2006 3:56 pm
40 years was a mighty long time ago, and what they thought was high tech, today we think is crap.
 #5679  by Playdeadphish
 Wed May 17, 2006 9:22 pm
tigerstrat once again your quite wrong. the cabinet sounds really good, it really sounds fantastic if you consider the fact that its about 40 years old. the hard truckers built a great cabinet and it shows.

i have no need to debate anything with you. you can choose to believe it or not. thats your choice. i know what we have here.

phpbb you bring up a great point. at the time 40 years ago and throughout the deads first 25 years they were at the cutting edge of music technology. think about all the off shoots of the dead and family. meyer sound, furman sound, alembic, hardtruckers just to name a few. they were into gear and spent money on the development of gear searching for that sound. most everything that was used in the 80s and 90s is now obsolete or there is something that sounds better or weighs less that can be used.

look at bobbys current rig, nothing like it was when the dead last played. for most people though, the differences are not really that noticiable. most people on here arent playing infront of 30 thousand people a nite. to most people they just are searching for their sound, and if a cabinet like this takes them there then its worth it.

be well

 #5685  by tigerstrat
 Thu May 18, 2006 10:43 am
For the record, Glenn, I do recognize you as a longtime poster to GHeads, and I've never had any reason to suspect your honesty or sincerity. If I'd realized the thread was actually you plugging your own auction, rather than "look what I saw on Ebay", I might have chosen a different expression than "FAKE", perhaps saying instead "IMHO you are either mistaken or got told a tall tale."

And I hope you realize that I'm not spitefully trying to F up your transaction, which I really couldn't care less about... and sure, if that turns out to be someone's sound then that's a great deal. I'm sure you know me as one whose main participation in the gear group has most often been focused on offering evidence towards keeping the historical record as accurate as can be proven. Has anybody asked Weir himself? I don't know much about what was said, but I happen to know that Blair Jackson has recently grilled Bob (grilled Cheese? ...yummmm.)pretty deeply about his early gear history while doing research for Grateful Gear, so I guess I'll just wait and read the book.

Like I said before it looks like a great speaker system, and is obviously worth a nice chunk of change. Good luck!
 #5701  by Playdeadphish
 Fri May 19, 2006 6:37 am
tigerstrat really there is no offense taken, stuff like this needs to be discussed and at length. items like this can and will help us all in our quest for knowlege about the gear the dead used. its a common bond that we all share, amongst others. i appriciate your honesty and i know the group (and myself) appriciates the insights that you have.

on another note, i have another cabinet that im getting ready to move. in the spirit of the group i thought that id offer it up here and see if i can find a great home for it where it will be played (preferably loud and often).

its an original hard truckers cabinet that belonged to the dead. its use with them was most likely a bass cabinet. i have no pictures of Phil using it, just the knowledge that it was the deads and most likely was used by him. the speakers didnt fare well over time so they have been removed. i have replaced the (gauss) speakers with JBL's that are in great condition. the cabinet now holds a 12" JBL E120 and a 15"JBL E140.

Its a large cab aproximately 34"h x 26"w x22"d and its on 4 heavy duty wheels. Its got a closed back and a 1/4" jack. The cab is in great condition and even has some stickers the guys put on it like "i love easy sex"

if anyone wants somemore information please drop me a line and ill tell you all about it. the speakers and cabinet combo sounds fantastic for both bass and guitar, ive been playing thru it for a bit now with both bass and guitar, and man it sounds good. i considered throwing gauss speakers back in it but without a recone kit its hard to work with gauss stuff. i still have that line on pigpens leslie cabinet if anyones interested in that as well...

peace love and mischief