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 #53096  by Pete B.
 Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:59 pm
Infared Roses???... I bought it for $17.99 based on a similar review.
Sorry man, thumbs down from me on that one.
That one sucked.
I would never reccomend anyone spend money on that one.
I want my fuckin' money back!

Now when you're in 9th grade in 1977 and your buying the SYF double live album.
 #53098  by tigerstrat
 Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:35 pm
Pete B. wrote:Infared Roses???... I bought it for $17.99 based on a similar review.
sorry you lost me... what review?

SYF was probably worth it at the time that it was released. Basically of bootleg quality however at a time when not that much bootleg material was even available and the distribution of it to collectors was at a glacial pace compared to that of today or even ten years ago.
 #53099  by Pete B.
 Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:37 pm
Ouch! I just tossed in Infared Roses!

Someone once wrote a review of this one stating something to the effect of... 100 years from now, this will be the definitive "snapshot" of The Grateful Dead.

I was like, I gotta hear this.

...And now I'm listening to it again...
Oh Brother!...

Apollo at the Ritz.... I'm liking this one!
[edit] Uhh... woops, they lost me agian.

SYF and pretty much all JG music was/is about the notes being played, for me.
So yeah... IRR has that much going for it for sure (for a GD album that has Jerry playing less than 50% of the total run time).

Back to IRR... Starting at ~3:36 of "Little Nemo In Nightland" Jerry plays that same descending diminished arpeggio I recently tabbed out as "4 seconds of Jerry noodling between songs in 1972" which I thought was a seed for Slipknot at the time.

The CD cover came in handy!... I needed to cover-up a hideous brandname sticker inside this guit (there is a cool floating Stealie in the distance that makes the soundhole look kinda "3D" :cool: ) .

Where the heck is the Dark Star on this disk?
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 #53125  by CountryMile Cadillac
 Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:29 pm
Infared Roses is an interesting album for any band to throw out there. No one else wpu;d come close to having the balls to put that out there, it is for the fan base in all regards. I dig it, don't listen to often (at least not in the past decade) but the simple idea that they put this on the market to me is great.... Good Ole Grateful Dead
 #53126  by bobbybobbob
 Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:16 pm
whats the general opinion on dead set and reckoning?

I think reckoning is okay, Bird song is really the only highlight for me. I haven't listened to all of reckoning. I'm jammin to sugaree right now and it sounds groovy