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 #50472  by Tennessee Jedi
 Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:03 am
man, I just realized I hated on Ratdog pretty bad up there. My bad Bobby, y'all aren't boring, just really mellowed out
Always thought I would prefer Phil to Bob any day.
Seen Phil.
It was ok at best.
Never seen Ratdog.
Got some boots from the spring tour though and was impressed.
Wasnt expecting that.
Good band with a great sound.
Phish ?
They are one great band for sure.I saw them once and was amazed by their musical abilities.
But not my thing.

 #50473  by krzykat
 Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:29 am
weirimpressed wrote:man, I just realized I hated on Ratdog pretty bad up there. My bad Bobby, y'all aren't boring, just really mellowed out

:? :?
every once in a while its like a bad Vegas lounge act :roll: :lol: :D

 #50475  by Tennessee Jedi
 Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:38 am
I will say I didnt like the rappers Bob had on that version of Franklins.

 #50506  by weirimpressed
 Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:29 pm

Maybe Bobby, Phil, Mickey, and Bill will stay together, and they will have GD and Friends tour with a different lead guitarist/keyboardist every tour. Thats an idea!

 #50507  by Tennessee Jedi
 Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:40 pm
It seems easy enough - so I wonder why they havent already done this.
I would love to see them again.

 #50581  by amyjared
 Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:26 pm
Interesting to read all the differing concepts. I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes a band because two of my other faves, Zepp and Yes are about to embark on tours w/out key players (or so it would seem). Phish will embark with all the original members, so it would seem that that is the logical choice but I've never quite enjoyed them, save for a few small shows I caught early on with the mini tramps and the Zappa covers.
Some bands are still great w/out all original members (Ex. for me include the Stones w/out B. Jones, Allman's w/out Duane, Who w/out Moonie, Yes w/out Bruford) and others I can't stand (Skynyrd, Doors, Queen, Creedence Clearwater Revisited?!?) so I ask myself (and you), what is it that makes the band acceptable when they alter the original formula? Dave Mathews lost a sax player, but he'll still go on, mostly unfazed. The E Street Band lost a piano player, but they're still touring. The Stones lost Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor, Ian Stewart and are still great. The Grateful Dead lost Jerry, so they no longer called themselves that (which I applaud) but are they still viable as a "band"? I saw Ratdog this summer and Gov't Mule opened for them and blew them away. Bobby is GREAT but not as the leader. Phil & Friends is fun because Phil seems to accept his role better, imho. I don't know if I'd go on tour or not.

 #50590  by mttourpro
 Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:28 pm
AJ, I read that once Plant heard they were gonna tour without him, he suddenly changed his mind and decided to do it. Just an FYI. Yes is playing a small theatre (1200 seater) outside Pittsburgh with their guy from youtube.

I think the replacement idea/question boils down to, is it something that everyone is still passionate about and is it something that fans are gonna say, wow that was great! or are they gonna say, wow, that kinda sucked--those guys are just going through the motions for a quick buck.

I'm guessing Phish is re-energized and not doing this just for a quick buck.

 #50597  by weirimpressed
 Thu Oct 02, 2008 3:10 pm
I think if Phish was doing it for buck, they might do a "one-time" thing, like a festival, that would attract 120,00 people, charge 'em, play to them, and get the hell out.

But, they are playing at a 13000 seat venue, with 75000 tickets (my guess) already requested. So I definitely agree with you there.

Is Plant really doing it? I keep hearing that hes not touring, wasnt there an official statement?

 #50601  by mttourpro
 Thu Oct 02, 2008 3:53 pm
I just looked for the link about his decision to come back to the band and found this---which, I believe is what I read a few days ago.

Robert Plant to join Led Zeppelin for reunion tour - TelegraphSep 26, 2008 ... Rockers Led Zeppelin are to be reunited with ex-band mate Robert Plant for

interestingly, when you go there, you get an error

I also found this below says the first thing I read was bunk---so, it seems he is not going to rejoin Zep.That sucks huh. ... tionalnews

 #50603  by weirimpressed
 Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:25 pm
thats crazy!?! I mean, I guess I understand why he WOULDNT want to play with them (?!??!!?!?!) :? :mad: but I mean, WHY!?!?!

Oh well, 3/4 is better than nothing I suppose.
 #50620  by Fat Ronald
 Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:44 pm
I saw phish back in '95 at the Spectrum, and a bit in '97 at State College, pA. They were ok, but they were doing all sorts of goofy things, even using a vaccuum on stage in one song. Just not my thing.

And the Dead reunion (at State college - quite the hub of shows), just not the same w/o Jerry. I think Bobby is great, but not the same seeing him sing the songs that jerry used to take us through. Never saw PL&F so can't judge. Some say his "deadness" is more in line. but I don't know.

My advice - AC/DC - back in the states. totally departure from the jam scene, but worth every penny. For those about to rock...