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 #206  by gr8fulbluz
 Thu Jun 03, 2004 6:35 am
Wash Dc saying hello. i have lived all over, from LI,NY to Daytona Beach, fl for like 14 years. . Iam 38 and been playing since i wuz something like 14.
This has to be the best tab site for GD, i use tabcrawler, but find most of my stuff here
This is pretty cool to now have a message board


 #225  by VoodooChile76
 Mon Jun 07, 2004 5:52 pm
Hey y'all, I'm Tony from Minneapolis. Been playin' for 8 years now, and ran across this site about 5 years ago when I was getting into the Dead. I've always been a Hendrix, Dead, and Allman Bros. fan....I'm also an effects junky. Love playing Weather Report Suite...would love to see Sage & Spirit and a complete Eleven someday![/img]

 #299  by Whiskey Dick
 Tue Jun 08, 2004 1:10 pm
Howdy. I'm Dick from Bayone, NJ. I'm a friend of Ben, he turned me onto this site. I love that goofy bastard. I've been playing for about 15 years now, but only been playing the dead for about 7, my favorite tunes to jam are eyes of the world, bertha, and when I'm with my buddies; iko iko. My boy Scrivins plays a mean ass bongo.

 #304  by degenerate shuff
 Tue Jun 08, 2004 1:17 pm
Hi. I'm Shuff. And I'm an alcoholic. I've been drinking for 22 years now. And I'm only 24. I wake up everyday with the runs. I'm drunk now. And I love Manute Bol. Nice to meet you.
 #316  by DarkStar
 Tue Jun 08, 2004 5:07 pm
i'm 16 and ive only been playing guitar for a few years and ever since i found this site, its been an invaluable source. i learned how to read tabs while playing 20 minute dark star> other one jam sessions. probably my favorite song is help on the way/slipknot. bottom line:an awesome site

Dark Star

 #325  by Gentle Jack Jones
 Thu Jun 10, 2004 6:16 am
It's nice to see 20 minute Dark Star > Other One jams from someone so young keep up the good work man. Help/Slipknot/Frank is another great piece I like your taste of great Dead jams. Anyway love the site and the new forum keep it rollin guys. Peace
 #358  by
 Wed Jun 16, 2004 8:06 am
I started using this site about 4 or 5 years ago,. been playing for 13. Originally from Ohio, relocated to Alabama to jam with some fellars i met off tour. Anybody that can get to Birmingham and wants to jam with us, email or call 205-833-5419
Must improv.
 #384  by microjerry
 Fri Jun 25, 2004 10:31 am
My name is Thomas,i live in Oregon and have been playing acoustic dead,dylan,neil,et al for about 10 years...hope to chat with ya at some point......favorite saying " what would jerry do? " cool.

 #490  by qiuniu
 Wed Jul 14, 2004 10:39 pm
My name is Brian, 31, been using this site for years. Been playin' dead on my guitar for 16 years now. Now I am into getting crispy sbds and plugging 'em into my amp and playin along. I am hoping to be a productive member in posting exactly how they did that stuff that isn't on rukind, for specific years and all. Looking forward to this new board thing.
 #700  by Cosmic C
 Tue Aug 24, 2004 7:51 pm
My name is Chad, I am 29 and I live two blocks from hades, Phoenix. Anyway been on this site for about 5 yrs and love it. Found it when I was lookin' at a WSP tab site. Been playing guitar since 5th grade with a minor break all through high school. This is a great site and I have learned tons from it. Searchn' for people to get together with to do some playing. Willing to learn stuff. Love playing GD, blues, rock, jazz, bluegrass, jam band stlye and the like. If there is anyone interested please, please reply. I am really wanting to play with others. Nobody I know realy plays or would even play jam material if they did. Also looking for tab to "Sliver Threads and Golden Needles." Did I mention this is a super duper site? All, for great shows check out

Great forum!


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 #708  by artvandalay
 Thu Aug 26, 2004 11:59 am
hey. i'm justin, 17 years old and living in la. i play in a post-rock experimental band here in the valley, but i just love to listen to the dead. mainly live shows from the sixties. pigpen shows.

 #740  by Cosmic C
 Fri Aug 27, 2004 2:02 pm
By the way thats with no ( . ) at the end. Sorry 'bout that.

 #939  by Deadgrass
 Wed Sep 22, 2004 5:24 pm
What's up, I'm Jason, iv'e been coming to this site for about a year. It has tought me so much, I am almost ready to learn something besides the grateful dead thanks everyone, and Joey B----keep on rockin


 #949  by stonemountain
 Fri Sep 24, 2004 4:04 am
I’m 36 years old. I live in Syracuse, NY. Been playing acoustic and electric guitar for 15 years. Putting together some songs with a friend to do open mike nights first and then graduate to paying gigs. I sing some but not very well, but I’m not afraid to do it. Love the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, The Band, Tom Petty, Gov’t Mule, CCR among others. Hi everyone.

 #1090  by Billbbill
 Fri Oct 08, 2004 11:33 pm
Bill here. 41 been playing for 22yrs. Love the dead, blues, southern rock, classic and 60's rock, beatles to state just some. I live just outside of NYC in southern westchester NY.

Always looking to jam. Always learning new stuff and keeping it fresh. Playing music is an amazing thing. Seems like there is always a "plus" element, something new to learn.

I've been checking out this site for a couple of years now and when I saw the forum section added, I had to stick in my two cents. If I have anything useful to offer, it's the least I could do.

Thanks to Ed & Gregg for a tremendous job.