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 #21396  by razmablues
 Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:10 am
i like doing cassidy really slow on an acoustic guitar! it's got a nice vibe to it.

 #21631  by Henry
 Thu Aug 02, 2007 2:20 pm
Alright, here you go for those who can read it. I have to say, this is not complete yet, we didn't have time do do the bridge and the last two verses, those will follow later on. And, if anyone should intend to use it in any way, PLEASE ask for permission.

Conosco un vagabondo
by Myriam Eroess (Eniko), Italian version of "Wharf Rat" by Robert Hunter, music by Jerry Garcia

Conosco un uomo,
Un vagabondo che incontro sempre al cantiere,
Cieco e sporco
Mi chiede un euro per potersi prendere un caffè
Non ho soldi, ma ascolterò la sua storia.

Il mio nome è Gino Mazzoni
E amo la mia Celestina più del vino
Più del vino
Più di Dio, anche se non è mai stato amico mio

Credi Celestina,
Dicono che non combinerò mai niente di buono
Metà della mia vita
L'ho scontata in prigione per colpa di altri
E il resto l'ho trascorso
barcollando ubriaco del peggior vino

(More to come in September)

 #23077  by GratefulPat
 Sun Aug 26, 2007 1:35 pm
i tend to keep all there songs the way they were played most commonly. it gives the effect if your tryin to be very accurate about it..

 #23088  by Pete B.
 Sun Aug 26, 2007 1:58 pm
With regard to the ton of 3-5 chord cover tunes the Dead do, I choose to move them the the Key that allows me to give the audience the best possible vocal performance.
There are many Dead originals which I would never change the Key of because they lie so nicely on the guitar neck, and then there are others that can easily be moved (for vocal range purpose), and open up a very cool new way to play them... for example, try playing Miss HalfStep in Em (I'm told P&F do it in Em).
I know the Dead have changed the Key a few of them around themselves over the years, Dire wolf, Bird Song, Dupree's... what others?
There are tons of examples of them changing the arrangement, tempo, and/or "feel" of a tune.
I enjoy using the same "process' of experimentation" that they used.

 #23096  by GratefulPat
 Sun Aug 26, 2007 2:28 pm
ship of fools, brokedown palace... theres a few more on the tip of my tongue

 #23097  by GratefulPat
 Sun Aug 26, 2007 2:28 pm

 #23101  by nicolasalk
 Sun Aug 26, 2007 2:50 pm
i like to reinterpratate Bird Song, but in the key of E and Missippi Half Step, which are two incredible, interesting and expandable songs, and also i reinterpretate INYR which you can enter into jams continuosly

 #25370  by bucketorain
 Thu Sep 27, 2007 5:42 am
in all honesty i play to feel...i try and keep the same tempo in mind but the best part of playing their music is that there are so many ways to play it....just feel it. there are no rules.