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 #139668  by James-T
 Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:05 pm
My new summer rig really! :smile:

Here's a demo and you don't have to watch it as I feel like I've done my fair share here and it probably sounds like more of the same (its a bit of an outtake!), but there is some cool stuff going on and at the heart of the rig (and demo) is this neat little passive pedal that allows my delays and verb and effects from one channel to trail over to the other channel. Its a $50 Switchblade. And heck some other folks are posting some bad ass rigs like that truck thingy - and the massive 25 RU. And there's some good discussion going on about the Fractal and this is a totally new take on it. And there's been some good discussion on OD pedals - and I'm starting to be of the school of thought that just because Jerry used and MRX Boss OD's it doesn't mean they are the best out there - he probably just didn't get out much to the local GC.

So my latest setup, which is ready to go for some cool summer gigs coming up, allows me to go back and forth between a bunch of analog effects (mostly Boss) run through a GCX into the reverb channel of my Vibrolux and my digital land (AKA crap - copped that one from Trey's rig run down) patches from my Fractal run into the non reverb channel of the same amp. I'm getting some nice Ibanez tube screamer tones out of that side. I bit less edgy than the Boss effects (you can tell them because they aren't set as loud). The Fractal has some really cool delays as well. And well, when it comes to getting into some of Bobby's "out-there" spacey stuff, it totally rocks. Its all in there (starting around 4:15 in this demo). Cool delays around 8:45.

I tested this setup out at a pub gig last month and it worked like a charm. Sure there's some crap to cart around but nothing is really that heavy and the Fractal is in a 2 rack gator case and all the cables and midi controller fit into a spare pedal train case.