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 #138197  by tatittle
 Wed Apr 09, 2014 4:25 pm
Yes, Waldo I was referring to the quote above the diagram. I don't doubt Garcia put less priority on the hum-cancel; he would have been accustomed to non-canceling single coils since the RWRP combo wasn't available until later in his career. Some folks even prefer non-humcanceling vintage style 3xSC's since it affects the overall frequency response I believe.
Being much younger I have always had the hum-cancel in 2/4, and I haven't adapted to 1 pup the 60 cycle hum fully. It affects me far more on some amps, like vintage Fenders w/JBL's, which seem to expose the hum more than modern amps. Add to that several places I play regularly manifest terrible noise/interference due to exposed building wiring or whatever. I played modern amps and Gibsons for years, and am still adapting my technique to exploit SC's. The lack of humcancel seems to exaggerate the difference even more.

Every step I take into the rig you have meticulously documented has been very fruitful. I stayed up all last night playing I was so happy with the tone! Yet I am trying to evolve a set-up that suits me best, not merely copy Garcia exactly. It just so happens that in the end I do wind up copying his set-up (via your documentation/explanation)...but if I take the long way to get there I will be sure it is because I have chosen the factors for myself, not only bc Garcia did it. Like 100's of others I am truly grateful for your attention to detail and accuracy; my hard-headedness to experiment is certainly not illustrative of doubting your accuracy or expertise. :-)