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 #137843  by CptnTripz
 Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:23 am
It came as no surprise to me that the first release selected for the "From the Vault" series was from 8-13-75. It features an absolutely flawless and blistering version of Help->Slip-> Franklins. I have always love Slipknot because it is contained enough in structure and tempo to allow the band to consistently aim without devolving into spaced out noodling, yet was open enough that they could really explore the structure of the song and shine as musicians. Another version which doesn't get enough attention is 1983-04-09 ... eok.flac16

I love Jerry and there are numerous versions of Slipknot which are awesome but the two I have chosen are unique amongst the many they have played. Jerry really shined when he was either flat out jamming or when he would spend time hinting at a melody, then exploring variations on that theme, creating tension within the melody all the while building up to a crescendo and then releasing that tension only to start the process again and find a new way of repeating the process. I think that was the "7th man moments" the band referred to when there something really magical happened. They played 150 concerts a year give or take and only a few would have a those moments sprinkled throughout the show. Finding those moments is a quest for me.
 #137849  by RiseandFall
 Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:43 am
Perhaps an obvious one....Row Jimmy from the infamous Barton Hall show.
Specifically Jerry's slide solos. More specifically the 2nd one.
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