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 #137248  by Searing75
 Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:54 am
I thought this post may be about this eve, as I am trucking up to buffalo, and I thought you were looking to swap speakers in the parking lot. :lol: Can't wait, ratdog then the JGB in one night! In frozen ass buffalo. May be a hot time?!?

And, no. I am keeping my two k120's! :evil:
 #137319  by waldo041
 Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:48 pm
Tennessee Jedi wrote:How did they get a clean recording if the speaker went ?

Its a 3 x 12 w/ one mic on it -how do you isolate a blown speaker from the recording ?

If it didnt make a noise when it blew how did they know it was blown ?


If you notice before Parish comes out to swap the speaker, he first is seen leaning over the back to the front of it. He can be seen sometimes feeling the speaker to find the one not moving. Sometimes Jerry points out the problem. In this case they figured out that it was the middle speaker pretty quick because the mic is on it and someone else comes out and moves the mic to the top speaker. What I am only guessing is that Healy radio'd in that he was losing Jerry at the board and needed to push him for that solo, so the mic was picking up the other 2 speakers pretty good. The crew went into action mid song and got it taken care of. The McIntosh amps have an Autoformer which allows them to run at their rated output with any of their impedance taps. So even though he lost a speaker, his volume never really missed a beat. The impedance mismatch will cause it to run a little hotter and may allow it to get a little hairier faster if really severe, but overall it will run just fine. Each of his speakers are wired separately to their own jacks in the back of the mac. These jacks are wired in parallel so the speakers can be swapped without removing any other speaker. The whole rig stays up and running just fine, except for this instance where the front of the house mixers signal was degraded because the speaker they mic'd blew.


 #137330  by Tennessee Jedi
 Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:17 am
Its a interesting to watch the swap out as Jerry plays ; never misses a note ..... guitar sounds great
Been watching this DVD a bit lately - its a pretty good show

Another part I think is a hoot is when Bob sings the line in Masterpiece about a flock of wild geese and points to the sky ; Jerry looks up like what are you looking at and does a nice fill that reminds me of wounded duck crashing ...
Lots of great playing and singing the whole show, too

Thanks for filling me in Waldo