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 #134051  by TI4-1009
 Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:45 am
Gentlemen (and I use that term loosely..) :-)

I'm starting a guitar build project that's a bit off the beaten path and before I get too far in I'd like your input, advice, and observations. Thanks in advance.

So a month or so ago there was a link on the front page about a wolf/sg for sale on ebay. Caught my eye because I really like my SG. It was from Post guitars and looked like this:

So I have my Tiger which I had lusted for for decades- that itch is scratched. I like the Wolf- but I'm not a huge fan of the body shape. I've always liked SGs- I have a magic mojo SG that I lucked into- the most "alive" guitar I've ever played, and an Epi G-400 that's "ok". I don't expect to be able to hit that luck again, but thanks to the Post guitar I started working myself toward a morphed Wolf-SG. Two very different guitars so I don't think you can combine them and get either one. I'd like to hope that I could get some good things of both (but with my luck I'll get neither and a mutt that doesn't do either very well... ) :lol:

I emailed with Troy and asked him if he could do a lefty for me, he said it was from a kit, really a one-off and didn't plan on any more like that. So I started checking out SG kits. Most I found were on the cheap side, mainly basswood bodies. Then I found Precision Guitar Kits that seemed to be a cut above and get repeated good reviews. Mahogany bodies available, plus they have a "customizer" where you can spec various options:

I fretted (pun intended) about it for a while and finally pulled the trigger. I found a 2-piece purpleheart blank, I'll send that to Precision and they will cover it with a 4A quilted male top. Lefty of course, they can rout a swimming pool, mahogany '59 neck profile, cream binding, rosewood fingerboard, ebony headstock veneer, trapezoid fret markers. They may be able to give me a larger control cavity- if not I'm going to have to do that myself or find someone local.

Not sure about the bridge yet. I was going to go with a harmonica- mainly for looks- but I'm leaning towards a Callahan ABR for tone (but the new Kluson machined-from-a-billet harmonica might be an option). My SG has a vintage ABR with the thin posts and I don't know if that's part of the magic. Most likely a ScarletFire Wolf tailpiece. OBEL, buffer. Not sure about pickups yet, if I did it right now I'd go for a DiMarzio PAF that I already have in the bridge, 57 Classic in the neck, and a Super II in the middle- all with coil splits- if I can fit 3 humbuckers in. The switch is a problem since a regular 5-way is too deep for the 1 3/8" body. I squeezed one of the rectangular 5-ways in my Tiger but this may be too shallow. Anyone have any experience with the "FreeWay" switch that Stewmac sells? ... witch.html

That should be an easy fit and have the SG look, but can it do the 5-way?

Schaller tuners, brass nut, wolfie decal (if it was good enough for Jer... :-) ).

Finishing- I'm guessing the lacquer spray cans from Stewmac- a coat or two of amber, then clear. But those Wudtone finishes look attractive and the thinner the better for me. Maybe something different for the neck- tru oil or tung oil?

That's where I am now. Advice? Fatal flaws? Thanks for the input.
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 #134053  by ccw3432
 Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:02 am
I like the freeway switch. I have mine setup like this for the six positions.

Neck/middle. Neck.
Middle. Neck/bridge
Bridge/middle. Bridge
 #134060  by Pfallon
 Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:00 pm
Precision looks pretty cool in their customization tab. The only glaring detail is the scale length of a SG vs. the Wolf 24 3/4 vs. 25 1/2. It does have a big effect on playability and overall sound. Is scale length an option in the custom section? Can you select 24 frets? if you can get those "wolflike" options, you will probably want to research the exact distances from the nut that the wolf PU coils are located to get as close to the original as possible. They do have an option for swimming pool rout, so you would have flexibility to locate them exactly. The sweet woods that you selected for the body may not sound as wolf like in the set neck format. The mahogany neck will probably sound slightly warmer but shorter in sustain. There a lot of options out there as starting points for Wolf type guitars, mostly starting from the strat basic design. There are 2 from Rondo (I have no affiliation whatsoever w/ Rondo) music that provide a lot of budget balance for hardware and mods.
the Hadron 625 is a mahogany body, w/ 5pc. neck through-Tune-o-matic bridge, string through tail, 22 frets in 25 1/2" scale, HSH = $100 brand new. I have a 725 and the fit and finish are excellent. Sustain for days and great playability w/ the stock jumbo frets. I was planning after market PUs for it but the stock ceramic ones sound strong. Another option is the Spad 625, again all Mahogany, but set neck, 25 1/2" scale, 24 frets same bridge and string through, but HH config. = $169, you could add a Super II in the middle of either of these models and be pretty close in terms of dimensions to the Wolf. I remember that you are a lefty, and Rondo makes most of there guitars in both orientations and you may be able to get the spad with a natural quilt top to further the aesthetics towards the Wolf.
 #134072  by TI4-1009
 Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:53 am
ccw3432 wrote:I like the freeway switch. I have mine setup like this for the six positions.

Neck/middle. Neck.
Middle. Neck/bridge
Bridge/middle. Bridge
Thanks for that! One problem solved.
 #134078  by waldo041
 Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:16 am
What aspects of Wolf are you hoping to achieve with this guitar? I know your not after a clone of it, just wondering where the wolf'ish part is coming in? Mahogany is way to dark of wood to have any characteristic of the bright, clear tones Wolf has. Also, if you couple the darker tone fret scale of 24 3/4" along with the mahogany you will without a doubt hear the difference compared to your tiger. I am not saying this will be a muddy or super dark instrument, it will actually be a great sounding instrument, just stating that these are some factors to consider in your choice of wood and scale length compared to the actual Wolf. I have an epiphone SG all mahogany, 24 3/4" scale guitar fitted with Tiger electronics. It has it's own character but very noticeably darker then my Strat or Moriarty Tiger. With manipulation I can pull some Jerry tones out of it, buy it is no Wolf or Tiger.

 #134083  by TI4-1009
 Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:40 pm
Good question- not sure I know. What's the Yogi Berra quote- "if you don't know where you're going any road will get you there" :lol:

Think of a Wolf and an SG superimposed on one another so that you can't exactly focus on either one but you can focus on a "blend" of the two. If you look at the Post guitar your first impression is SG, but there are enough Wolf "tokens" scattered around it that you know what he was trying to do. I'd like to take that a step further- mainly with the quilted cap and purpleheart.

I think I'm looking for more of an SG with some Wolfie visual hints and technical aspects. I know a mahogany neck will "soften" the tone a bit, but it will still have the purpleheart body with maple cap which will add brightness. Don't need (or want) the brightness of a Tiger/Wolf- I'm hoping the mahogany neck will tame that a bit (you can get a maple neck if desired). I like the Irwin electronics setup. Want pickup options of the SG neck and bridge plus a Super 2 in the middle. If it sounds somewhere between an SG and a Wolf that's fine. Want your buffer with OBEL to better push the SG part of it to the envelope and other effects.

(embedded question- if Jer had had a Trutron with the independent preamp control would he have needed the OBEL? As much?)

I need to decide on bridges pretty soon- that's a real tossup.
 #134113  by TI4-1009
 Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:37 pm
21x15x2", 19.2 pounds :shock:

 #135998  by TI4-1009
 Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:08 am


 #136020  by schmidtz
 Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:33 pm
Are you going to finish it yourself? I am enamored with their product, and the reviews seem fantastic, but I don't want to end up with an unfinished guitar and a crookedly glued neck....

Your guitar looks unbelievable, by the way!
 #136076  by TI4-1009
 Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:47 am
Collected parts:


Still need the pickup ring, but I have to wait for the guitar to get here to measure for it.

Special thanks to Leo for the beautiful tailpiece- and custom switchplate modified to take the FreeWay switch:


Those guys at Precision think of everything- like sending it via San Fran, just to pick up some Jer-vibes along the way 8)

January 25, 2014 , 3:26 am Processed Through Sort Facility .ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)

January 24, 2014 , 1:51 am Processed Through Sort Facility .VANCOUVER-B, CANADA

Schmidtz- I'm going to try the Wudtone finishing system. They have a Goldenrod that should be close to Wolf. It's all wipe-on, no spraying, enhances the grain and lets it come through. There's a video on the Precision website showing glueing the neck. From what people say their neck pockets and fit are perfect- hard to get it wrong. Hopefully..!

Can anyone think of a reason why a brass control plate cover is a bad idea? Should look nice and provide shielding- right?
 #136567  by TI4-1009
 Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:12 am
Neck is finished, I was very happy with the Wudtone rub-on finish. Used the Vintage Amber, worked really nice with the mahogany neck. Behlen Fingerboard oil (linseed based) on the rosewood fretboard and ebony headstock veneer. Nothing but glowing compliments for Precision Guitar Kits so far. The woodworking is top notch and neck fits in the pocket as snug as... well you know....

Spent last evening doing bridge and tailpiece geometry- DANGER DANGER!! :shock: Next step is to take 2 1/4 HP router in hand :shock: :shock: and slightly enlarge the pool, dig the string ball recess under the tailpiece, and do some minor trimming in the control cavity. All without mangling the beauty- hopefully.... Then drill the pickup wire hole between the pool and the cavity, tailpiece ground wire hole, and holes for the controls. Glue in the neck and then I should be ready to do final bridge intonation and drill the posts and finally start finishing the body. Can't wait to see what the finish brings up on the quilt.

With the slightly enlarged pool three humbuckers should be a comfortable fit, so I'm planning on starting with that. But I'm sure eventually I'll give both the SHH and SSS a try. Nice thing about the swimming pool- lot's of flexibility. Thank you Mr. Irwin.