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 #135194  by mijknahs
 Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:41 pm
I think Jerry is playing really hot this night. Check out his final solo in Mexicali, his solo in Loser. Minglewood is interesting. Nothing is boring. Also check out the inspired little bluegrass jam right after the transition riff from China Cat into I Know You Rider. Seems like Jerry is really enjoying playing this evening. Plus the views of Jerry's fingers and playing are great.
 #135200  by mgbills
 Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:50 pm
I've been listening to more '79 - '83 lately. If I remember right, Tigerstrat loves the '79-'81 era, and '81 is when I started seeing the band. I love the playing and the tone. I sampled around a bit and haven't listened to it all. There is some really inspired stuff from Jer's fingers.

I gotta say though…have any of you ever had a bad chest cold, asthma, or bronchitis? It pains me to hear Jerry sing without a drop of air in his throat. He's singing like a really old man. It seems a common theme in this period. Pained look on his face. Wheezed lyrics. It's painful for me to hear & and to watch. May just be my own thing, as I was a childhood asthmatic. He perks up in other shows, and looks fully alive again in the late '80's. But damn. I think about his bright eyes & demeanor in the '76-77 era. Dropping slightly late '77. More in '78-9.

It's hard for me to watch. It makes me sad I guess.
 #135504  by Stella Bloo
 Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:58 am
Why does he continue to amaze me, I have the same passion for the music as I did35 years ago!

One question though, I see all of this video footage being put out, why don't they release this stuff on DVD?