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 #134721  by James-T
 Sat Dec 07, 2013 11:17 am
I plugged in my Talyor 814ce for the first time with my Axe FX, used a USA Clean amp (Mesa Boggie sim) and turned off the cabinet sim. I added a little chorus and flanger into the mix for a hint of depth and movement.

I dubbed over a lead with my "just back from the shop" PRS Torero. I found a Schaller replacement trem that simply swaps out for the Floyd Rose :-) an had my tech put in a new nut, and swapped out the last PRS pick-up so now its a Super II and the neck and Dual Sound at the bridge and pretty normal set-up. Its a damn fine guitar for a cheapo Korean SE model, and almost totally Jerrified - with a Wald Electronics buffer on-board. Still thinking about dropping in a SDS-1 in the yet to be utilized middle position - and will probably sand down the neck to a gun-oil finish and call it a day.

There is still the routered space behind the bridge that I need to deal with and think that a piece of exotic hardwood with some inlay work to fill in the route would be prefect. If anyone has any suggestions on this I'd like to hear from them.

Its not a terrible Jerry'esque' demo of this dual setup, as I played the PRS with the Dual Sound in humbucker mode through a Marshal amp sim, but still but just felt like doing something different for a change.I still sound like me!

At any rate its out there and just yet another sales pitch for Fractal. The more I explore it the more I like it! :smile:

Oh yah, I included some shots of Vancouver, just across the water from my Island home.