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 #132044  by williamsaut
 Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:33 am
Hey, Thought I'd start a discussion about how and how much Jerry used the ADA 2FX, Lexicon PCM series reverb units and the Phase 100 to achieve some of his great tones. I know that the general consensuses is that his magical crisp, sizzling clean tone was a modded AB763 Fender twin preamp and the special tonal characteristics of a 'pushed to the limit' Mcintosh linear amp and JBL E120 speakers. But over the years I had heard more in his 'clean' solo playing that I couldn't explain never mind replicate with such a front end. I'd heard a bubbling, bell type of sound, almost envelope'ish at times. Subtle modulation sounds that couldn't be explained with simply a tube reverb. We've all seen his ADA unit in the rack pedaled out for mix and regen. I've heard him dial them in during a solo to get just the right plate effect that characterized his solo's at there best. The chorus he uses in Peggio is unmistakable and most likely the chorus in the 2FX but, His 'high on the mountain' reverb effects such as 'Tales of Yankee Power' in the JGB must be the product of one of the Lexicons but which one and how's it set? Also, I'm convinced that while he used the MXR Phase 100 for obvious and non-subtle 'Stop that Train' and Sugeree solos and such, he may have also used it to achieve some of his characteristic distortion effect combined with the MXR dist+. A slow phase or chorus effect in his distortion tones combined with his fender and lexicon reverbs dialed in just so might be what is being heard. But I've heard next to nothing about the use of these effects on this board. Any thoughts anyone?

 #132046  by TI4-1009
 Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:05 am
Most guys here know a lot more than me and will chime in, but for starters- I thought Jer never used his "90's" rig with the JGB, and that would leave the Lexicon off any JGB sounds. Any JGB reverb would have been the Fender. But I've been wrong before... :-)
 #132667  by tatittle
 Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:48 pm
Great topic. I wish I could give you some answers, but all I can really do is agree that I hear what your talking about. When I 1st bought a guys rig used (Tubeworks amp, Strat, phase 90) after returning from years away from playing electric, I was struck by how mcuh the MXR phaser captured some of the Fire On the Mountain spirit...and I do mean leadwork. Of course I cant recreate that tone now lol (different gear too though, including pedal)---but it was a distinct almost epiphany type thing at the time. I think your onto something. I was keeping an eye out for an ADA for awhile with no luck, maybe Ill try again.
 #132689  by Searing75
 Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:01 am
It is called Fire on the Mountain.

And, Jerry used an envelope Filter for the sound on Fire on the Mountain.

He was not using a Dist+ when he had the ADA. His overdrive tones were produced by Boss OD1 and OD2.

I have never heard a chorus effect from him? Phase, yes. MXR phase 100.
 #132693  by tatittle
 Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:49 am
Yes thanks, I am well aware of the conspicuous Jerry tones; I have an original Mutron III, vintage Script, OD1's (8 and 16 prong chips), and all the obvious stuff. That being said, I was using a different filter when I experienced the "epiphany", and I haven't been able to recreate a sound that strikes me the same way, so it may have been in my head somewhat.