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Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #130954  by chipperj
 Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:47 pm
Regretfully selling my custom Strat. Truly a beautiful instrument. Wired as per Jerry Garcia's Doug Irwin "Wolf" guitar. 3 pickups, all Dimarzio. Super Distortion HB in the bridge. Super II HB in the middle. Area 58 in the neck. Both HBs are able to be split via mini switches. Also wired on-board is the "Waldo" buffer, designed by Mike Wald, making the guitar low-impedience- long cable runs are a non-issue. No high-end loss. Also wired, is an on-board effects loop (OBEL)- where the output is fed to pedals pre-volume/tone, and then back to the guitar's volume/tone, and then back to the amp. This gives the fx pedals a consistent signal (also switchable to be in or out). Pots are CTS, 25k volume, 250k and 500k tones.

In addition to all that, it plays like a dream. Great action on a beautiful rosewood fingerboard, and perfectly set-up. Quilted maple pick guard. HS case included.

Not sure how this works... I'm guessing PM me? Or go here: ... 1180066548
 #131014  by chipperj
 Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:19 pm
It's a 2011 Player's model, and wired by yours truly (with coaching by Waldo). I wasn't even looking for a new guitar, but I was using it to check out some amps and there it was. Every now and then you pick one up, and it just feels perfect. So, I bought it and decided to "Jerry"fy it. I know it's not a custom shop, or even American... but it's a great guitar. So much so, that after playing it all morning, I really don't want to sell it anymore. I raised the price way up on ebay ($2500), because I couldn't figure out how to cancel the sale. I figure if someone wants to pay that much, they should have it. But I'm hoping no one does.

Sorry to waste anyone's time.