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 #129834  by mikelawson
 Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:40 am
Well, Hard Truckers ain't making their Y box right now, and the others I've emailed about ordering one from haven't replied, so I went on of all places and found this: ... BUBRVPP4SX

I ordered two. I'll be using one for the OBEL connecting it to a TRS 1/4" instrument cable from Planet Waves then using the Y to go to the effects pedals.

For now I'll use the other as a spare until/unless I get ambitious enough to split the Piezo acoustic sound from the Ghost system off to its own amp/line to a PA or something, in which case I will run two TRS Planet Waves instrument cables out of my new "Bolt" connecting to these Y cables to route to two amps, and the other for the OBEL. This combined with the 13 pin MIDI cable for the Ghost system should keep me down to three total cables dangling off this guitar.

Anyone else using the Ghost system with an OBEL as well and sending acoustic/pickup signal with TRS and splitting out?