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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #129407  by Adam Deckard
 Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:55 pm
Hey yall,

skip first paragraph...

This isn't dead related and I am sure I could find the answer at any guitar forum, but you guys are "family" and I figure I'd get furthur asking around here. Anyways,
I have a Fender Deville 4x10 amp. I went through a period where I went electric and also bought a piano, drum kit, p-bass w/ amp and some other toys and setup an entire "dead cave" in my basement complete with an 8'x17' rasterbation poster of the wall of sound on the wall behind all my gear and had my buddies all come over and we played dead a few nights each week. Well I moved out to the promised land (left coast as tnscd would put it) and brought only my acoustic, my amp and my banjo. The only reason I brought the amp was for practicing with my loop pedal. I sold/gave away everything else even my qtron that Hogan gave me such a great deal on (that was one of the give a ways). I could have brought everything with me and bought another house with a man cave but sitting on the porch with a couple buddies playing acoustic dead and traditional tunes on the banjo is really where my heart is. I digress...

So I plugged my acoustic into my amp today to lay down some GDTRFB on the looper and practice my scales and lead and what not and the tone had distortion. Now there are a few different small buttons on the top of the amp: normal/bright, more drive, channel select.


one of these buttons, I think it is channel select from what I remember will add distortion to the sound when pressed and today that is how it sounded, like it had distortion. I tried toggling between the buttons and messed with all the knobs like I'd never used the damn thing before but could not get a clean tone and my acoustic always sounds amazing through that amp. I thought maybe it could have been the looper so I went straight into the amp.. same thing. I thought maybe the battery in my acoustic was going dead so I swapped that out.. still my single notes sounded like I was running a distortion pedal with it set on low. Now here's the weird thing.. That red light on the amp used to always come on when i first turned on the amp and would go off after a second or two and then would only light up IT SEEMED if I was pushing the amp too hard, like if I cranked it up real good and had the vol knob on my electric turned up as well and gave it a good hard strum the light would come on.. Well the light is on constantly now.. I looked back behind it and could feel a heavy warmth coming from the back of the amp that I've never noticed and there is a light coming from the tubes that I haven't noticed before either like the filament in a light bulb burning very low.. So I guess my question is did I blow the tubes in my amp or something what's going on there? I turned it off and went on playing without the amp, but it is aggravating to hear that distortion in my guitar when the appeal of playing through it is that loud crystal clear tone.. Any thoughts??
 #129430  by TI4-1009
 Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:39 am
Well it's not like a Mesa with 50 switches and knobs that could get messed up, so I'd guess a (preamp?) tube got damaged somehow in the move. Can you beg, steal, or borrow some tubes to swap in one at a time and see if anything improves? Sounds like you converted it to a HiGain amp, and most of that comes from the preamp tubes. That or a solder joint has failed.
 #129453  by Adam Deckard
 Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:26 pm
I havn't modded it. I had read something somewhere maybe from waldo about disconnecting an 8kohm resistor somewhere to give that specific amp some sort of jerry-ness but I havn't done anything to it. Im sure the shop down the street could swap out a tube or two to troubleshoot it but i didnt want to pay for a diagnostic if it was just something stupid i was missing. I'm not sure id put any money into it for anything right now.
 #129457  by waldo041
 Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:35 pm
The deville is really close to the circuit of the deluxe. I would check for burn marks on the plate resistors, but check out this site for some info.

 #129464  by TI4-1009
 Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:21 pm
Sorry, I didn't mean that you had intentionally "modded" it, just that whatever's wrong with it is giving you extra gain- and that can sometimes come from the preamp tubes.