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 #128278  by healthy_scratch
 Wed May 22, 2013 10:51 am
My Q Tron Micro Pedal arrived yesteday and I gave it a brief whirl but still learning how to control it slowly but surely. Really it is not that compex in the least bit, yet nonetheless it got me thinking about the dial settings. For now I am aiming for that impeccable Estimated, Shakedown, Ruben and Cherise tone for now to play around with. Having searched and read the numerous Q-Tron Micro related forum posts here it would appear that it is not too difficult to come up with a fairly respectable immitation of the fat Mutron tone that became synonymous with late 70s Jerry and which he used to great effect up to the very end.

So out of interest what are some of the settings that players here have found that are ideal for hitting that Envelope FIlter sweet spot with a Q Tron micro? I realize it is guitar/pickup/amp specific so just to let you know I am using a standard 1996 American made Fender Strat with the also standard single coil pickups it came with. The setup I was working with last night was amp (Roland Cube 40X) -> Qtron -> Strat. The Q Tron MIcro settings were as follows

1. Mode dial - I played both with LP and BP
2. Q dial - Set at approximately 12:00 o'clock
3. Drive in Between 1:00 - 2:00 o'clock

The question here for Q Tron Micro users are what are some of the finer tones you may have come up with. I did see the Video that was posted here demonstrating the interesting effect you can acheive using I believe a Tube Screamer with the Q Tron, but presently I lack a Tube Screamer pedal.

Any setting thoughts, comments or feedback is welcome. If you have a cool tone as well that you have discovered beyond the Jerry type sound bring it on as well. I do realize the point is to come up with your own uses for these types of effects, but hey I would like to start with what I know as well.

Many Thanks

- HS
 #128286  by NSP
 Wed May 22, 2013 3:26 pm
As you correctly stated, settings from rig to rig will produce different results; so what may sound spot on for one may not be the case for another. And with an EF picking dynamics and technique are key.

I currently use a MuTronIII, but previously used the Qtron+ and one thing I can suggest is try experimenting with picking location. With both of these EF's I've found picking back towards the bridge can produce a really sweet quack. The main thing with these effects is to keep playing with it until you find the sweet spot that makes you smile... :smile: