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 #125474  by ricepr
 Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:11 pm
I got a John Mayer strat, it has big frets and the best neck I've ever played on a strat. The playability rivals that of my PRS Hollowbody.

Gonna pull the loaded pickguard, you can only get these pu's on the sig model and folks will pay nutty prices to get "Mayer tone" (stones, in glass house :-) )

Put in some Duncan Quarter Pounders, high output single coils, I got the tapped model so I has a low output mode that will be more stratty. White pickguard instead of the yucky tortise on the sunburst body. Schaller locking tuners, Fender Custom Ship drop in replacement hardtail bridge, Waldo buffer. No OBEL.

A buddy also has some grey bottom GFS 70's strat pickups that are like the Dallen's as a backup.

Report back in a couple of weeks when I get the stuff finished.