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 #123597  by Jon S.
 Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:47 am
There have been multiple-page heated debates on The Gear Page as to the ethics/fairness of posting close-ups of preamp and amp guts for others to copy. I'm personally uncomfortable posting gut shots for others to copy when it's a small, independent builder like Lurie or Sarno who depends on his sales of the unit to feed his family. So I would respectfully refer you to Lurie directly for the picture you want if you can't otherwise find it already posted on the 'net. His email address is on his web site.
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 #123598  by Smolder
 Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:05 am
Jon S. wrote:I think it's cool Lurie's incorporating into his FYDs the very Jerry preamp mods from your own web site, don't you? :smile: And thanks again for all your appreciated advice and ideas even if there have been some I've not applied. I'll ask Kimock about that quote, too, at the next show of his I'm at but it's time for a new signature line anyway, I'll give it a shot. And thanks certainly for the good luck wish! 8)
I was gonna ask Steve about that quote when he was through Denver, but never got the chance. he's a great guy and happy to share any and all of his wisdom/knowledge/experience... I learn something nearly every time I come across a TGP post of his.
 #123599  by Smolder
 Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:13 am
Mr.Burns wrote:Could we possibly get some close up photos at component level? I can see most of the guts in the pics on the FYD site, but I'm curious because I'm considering building something like this for myself and am trying to get a parts list together. I'm not quite bright enough to look at a schematic and layout and decide what parts I need, so I figured the pictorial layout was a good starting point. Unless somebody already has a parts list made up...
Lurie posted some pretty detailed pics and dialog as he was developing his unit over on the hoffman amps forum. At one point I was thinking about building my own preamp as well... but once I bought an SMS, it was over. For the most part it would be a good learning experience, but not a money saving venture. Both pre's are highly derivative (even a copy) of the ab763 twin circuit, but each guy did have to figure some stuff out. (I still have all those parts, and at this point they will likely go towards a 20-30 watt 6V6/6L6, single channel grab and go combo with a D120).

Open circuits like this are nearly impossible to protect, either legally or by obfuscation (i.e.: dumble). That said, copying someones ideas for profit is not at all cool.

Jon... I don't know of anyone else that owns both the SMS and the FYS... if you have the chance to do any A/B comparisons... would love to hear your thoughts.
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 #123602  by Jon S.
 Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:26 am
Smolder wrote:Jon... I don't know of anyone else that owns both the SMS and the FYS... if you have the chance to do any A/B comparisons... would love to hear your thoughts.
I'll do this at at some point but with two caveats, one, I'm so swamped right now it'll take me a while to get to this, two, to be frank (something Waldo may have alluded to in his post but I think it's a fair observation in my case), whether characterized as discerning or picky, I'm probably not either one! Clips would be best in my case so others can draw their own conclusions rather than rely on my admittedly imprecise "filtering." I'll see what I can do on this at some point.

Thought I'd add that I'm grateful my gear lust is so straightforward. Some people are buying multiple PRS Private Stock guitars at $8K+ a pop. For me, I can go nuts with TWO Jerry preamps for $1550 total. :D