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 #122433  by Winterland
 Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:58 pm
I am in over my head.I am willing to pay a consultation fee via paypal for help. Here is my rig and problems:

RIG(16u from top to bottom)

Berhinger Tuner (btr 3000)
Furman power conditioner
GCX Audio Switcher
2u drawer (hole in back to pull cables)

Mc2100 on botoom

I currently run a cable from the front of the sms to the back of the tuner. My pedal board(sbk power) goes from the out to the front of the tuner all pedals are are linked. I plug and play. SOOO

I bought the GCX and now want to hook this whole thing together. The GCX directions do not explain hooking pedals or where to
plug in the Pre amp(sms).

Does anyone have a GCX set up to run their pedals I did post a question and saw some replies and a photo wich looked awsome
also a mini diagram. I still can't get the concept here.

Do I still need individual power for the pedals or does the GCX power them.

I would appricate any direction.
 #122436  by playingdead
 Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:23 pm
You need power for your pedals. The GCX does not power them.

If you have an effects loop on your guitar, the send cable goes into the front panel jack of the GCX. Then you patch the rear panel "guitar out" jack to the input of loop 1, and the output of loop 1 into the input of loop 2 and so forth, until the end. The output from the last loop you use is what you plug the return of your effects loop cable into.

The pedals go into the "send" and "return" of each loop.

If you are not using a guitar effects loop, you would plug the instrument cable into the input on the front panel of the GCX (buffered input), and then plug a cable from the output of the last loop you are using into your SMS.
 #122442  by Winterland
 Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:36 pm
Thanks PD

It seems simple enough. So are you running a GCX with pedals? By the way I have a Post Wolf with an OBEL. Where do I plug the y cable? Will it still work since the GCX is buffered?
 #122445  by playingdead
 Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:57 pm
Thanks, man.

You can use the buffered or non-buffered input whether you have an effects loop and buffer in your guitar or not. I never heard any difference. I ran the GCX until I re-created my entire rig on the AxeFX Ultra, now I just go direct to the board in two rack spaces.

I used the second "pass through" output to run a line to my rack tuner at the time, that worked nicely, I could kill the volume on the guitar, engage the effects loop and tune silently.