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When it doesn't fit anywhere else
 #122375  by mgbills
 Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:30 pm
Leaving for SF at 6:00 am. Going to the big show.

Anybody else?

If not...Peace to all.

If 2012 treated you well again. If it sucked...2013 is sure to be better.

Here's to you brothers & sisters. May they all be great.
 #122451  by mgbills
 Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:43 am
Dec 30th - Terrapin Crossroads -

Opening Band - Terrapin House Band featuring Phil's sons.
Awesome! Tons of Fun

Mark Karan - first time I've seen him. Who ever said that fellow could play was right.

Joan Osbourne w/ Mark Karan and a wizard on keys
- Brokedown Palace - Wonderful. She said she tried to get the boys to play it but they wouldn't.
- Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison - awesome.

Great stuff!
 #122647  by TI4-1009
 Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:06 pm
I stayed up until 4 (EST) when they started Terrapin, couldn't do any more...zzzzzzzzzz. They sounded good.
 #122680  by mgbills
 Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:13 pm
NYE Review -

Quite the spectacle. Haven't really spent much time in downtown SF, and I have to say it's a total trip. It's like an East Coast city with a West Coast vibe. New York with a wacky twist. Neighborhoods are culturally distinct, and way to much to take in in 4 days. My hotel was in the downtown corridor. Wife scored a killer Groupon deal. 3 blocks from all the fancy-pants stores. Prada, Cartier, DeBeers, etc, etc. Needless to say, I passed on the $12k patent leather shoes.

The show -
Lots of kids (folks from 16 - 25). Not what I expected. Clearly many there for the scene. Thought there would be more Heads in residence. Good crowd energy though. Lots of singing & dancing. Very crowded. Not much boogie room.

The band was/is great.
I'm just going to have to move past Bob's tone issues (Errreeek. Errrreek.) Rhythm playing was excellent and interesting. Bob's sound through the PA's was still to feed-backy.

The rest of the band is just outstanding from a musical perspective. I find myself wishing that they would not deconstruct every tune. It's interesting, but can kill the dance vibe. I find new ways to appreciate the caliber of musicianship all the time. Crazy stuff. The Let it Grow was absolutely Smokin'.

When the New Years spectacle started it was all great. A great Phoenix descended with a cute girl on it's back. Bill Walton (I assume due to enormity) was Father Time. Sugar Mag. Balloons. Sugar Mag > Help > Slip > Frank > Sunshine Daydream. Awesome. Minor deconstruction, so it was a boogie fiesta!

I think it's a great thing for any Head to see. I wished I'd caught a Jerry New Year, but then...who knew you had to decorate the envelope!

Only one negative...I figured out that the smell of burning diapers/plastic wafting through the audience might be folks smoking meth. Caught my first fumes in Eugene 2 years ago. There was more at NYE. Can anyone confirm? I try to keep it positive. Glad I'm not on it. Wish nobody was. Tried it in the '80's as a powder, but didn't like staying awake for 30 hours. Not my trip. Bummed me out. Trouble Ahead for some (I guess).

Peace to All. If you ever get a chance...go boogie in a sea of balloons. It' s a blast. Especially, when you're favorite music is playin'! Hard for an old guy to stay up that late, followed by a 12 hour drive home. But well worth it.