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 #121149  by muiriled
 Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:28 am
Hey guys! My name is Matt and these days I'm living in Amherst, MA.

I've poked around this forum a bit in the past but just decided to make an account.

I've been playing bass on and off for about 7 years, many of my lessons being in my youth 7 years ago. I've never really gotten to jam with many folks, its kind of a bummer. Especially these days considering I play my bass a very healthy amount on a day to day basis, there just ain't ever shit to do in my dorm room.

I LOVE the Dead (although born in '92 it was hard to see much of them :cry: ) and I'm very fascinated by the complex improvisational magical musical doings of these few guys. I can't quite explain my fascination but the only other thing I really do in my dorm besides play my bass is listen to the Dead (favoring 72-74, but a fan of all!) While 90% of listening is Dead I do enjoy a large range of other music.

Anyway I guess I'd really love to start playing in a band, putting some of my talent and knowledge to the test and developing my skill further while creatively outputting something with other minds. It just sounds so fun! But I guess the problem is I'm not a very social person, not many of my friends are musicians. Lots of musicians around my campus but I feel the types of playing I'm looking to do and develop with other folks includes a much more Dead style of jamming. Deadheads among my generation are seldom and sparse.

I guess to sum it up how can I meet other cool musicians to play with o.O
 #121153  by tcsned
 Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:37 am
Welcome aboard!