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 #121119  by Jerry1996x
 Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:16 am
What preamp did Bobby use after the IVP? Or did he use that through the 80s.....
 #121123  by mkaufman
 Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:31 pm
Jerry1996x wrote:What preamp did Bobby use after the IVP? Or did he use that through the 80s.....
He still had the IVP after he stopped playing his Ibanez guitars. I can't keep track of all his changes, especially after the early 80's, however, at one point he had the Dean Markley RM-150-DR (or possibly a lower powered version?).

 #121124  by Jerry1996x
 Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:41 pm
Ok. Im lookin for an 84-87 tone. Im new to the Bobby scene so im still learning my stuff.
 #121125  by strumminsix
 Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:08 pm
Jerry1996x wrote:What preamp did Bobby use after the IVP? Or did he use that through the 80s.....
Like MK said, there was a whole lotta change happening.

From what I know overall:
60s various Fenders
70s various Fenders > Mesa > IVP >
80s IVP > DM RM > Soldano X88R > ?
I do recall a Marshall (JMP1 or JCM?) in the 80s too as well as Soldano x99 and I think a Soldano head (SLO?)

Honestly, Bobby's tone is 50% chord voicing and attack. Start there. Then find some amps that get a good chime like a Deluxe Reverb or Vox. Then figure out how to dial out your bass while retaining your low mids, drop off your high trebble while enhancing your presence. Doing those will get you there better than $20,000 worth of gear experimenting and swapping and trading, etc...
 #121128  by Dozin
 Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:03 pm
One thing was constant and that was a Blackknife. I wouldn't waste money chasing the IVP or UE units. Try modding a strat with EMG's and a SPC control.
 #121300  by russpi
 Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:00 pm
My .02, in the first couple of pics, I think the top unit is an Ibanez DM1100 digital delay, and I'm thinking the 2U rack with the 4 knobs is the phase/wah interface. The EXR Projector pedal is a new one, never noticed that before. Advertised in Guitar Player in the 80s, I still can't forget the ad.
 #142220  by nsandi9
 Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:17 pm
ok, so I am very baffled. Which preamp was Weir using after IVP (1984-Spring 1985) Dean Markley second half of 85.

I've always wished that these July 3, 1984 pics were more clear and that we could see all the items. It's given me a headache for a long time. FYI. If you all don't know, the units under the UE are Yamaha digital reverb and Roland Digital Delay which you can see in various pics up close from 84-87. If any of you guys want to know about mid to late 80s gear, I have been obsessing and pulling my hair out for over a year acquiring some important pieces of the puzzle. I am not missing too many items but that damn preamp from 84 into 85 is killing me. Please somebody figure it out.

List of 84-85

Yamaha R 1000- early digital reverb (not great) I end up using my Electroharmonix Holy grail for 84-85 sound
Roland SDE 1000- early digital delay (not great) but can give you some of that echo stuff you hear in mid 80s (especially 87) E.G. early Masterpiece

ADA digital multi effects- crucial for the mid 80s chorus and flanger sounds. Also the big delays. E.G. 12-31-85 (listen to terrapin)
(I think he acquired this unit late 1984)

EXR exciter IV-don't really understand this but....

same Furman EQ (PQ3)

same Ashley Compressor (SC50)

I think he used Ibanez AF9 though 1988 but I'm not sure. I have definitely seen pictures of AF9 in 1988 on rack.

Then of course at some point in 85-Dean Markley RM. This amp is killer. It has a preamp tube and solid state power, although I'm sure Bob only used the preamp section. This amp can get you close to the 1985 "dirty on the back end" tone. Just mess around with the Master and Preamp knobs. It's hard to know what the heck he was doing in 85 but I think he messed around with the compressor and the presence knob on the DM a lot. Who knows?

1988 (I love it)

ADA MP-1 (midi controllable tube preamp)-has 2 gain stages. Pretty cool.

TC Electronic-2209 Digital Delay

Eventide H3000 (awesome processor) All the SPACE you need. Reverbs, Delays, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, ETC....

Lexicon PCM70 (awesome) -Reverbs, Chorus, Flanger- I am pretty sure Weir used this for his flangers and chorus and a second one for reverb

Almost certain because it's hard to mix the right effects with the right reverbs

Rane Parametric EQ- I have one but I use Meyer CP10. Can't get the Rane dialed in right.

Anybody into 1988? I am not sure how Weir gets that acoustic sound in Spring 88 but it is very prevalent. It's either full range speakers and/or acoustic setting on Roland synth. I use four little 4 inch tweeter speakers mixed with my 12 inch speakers to get similar tone. Not sure but check out Sugaree 3-26-88 and let me know what you think. To me, besides 1977-1982, this is the best Bob tone ever. This might even be my favorite tone.

at like 30 seconds. What do you guys think? Oh and the tube gain you might hear is from ADA preamp.


 #142221  by nsandi9
 Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:21 pm
Oh, I almost forgot.
1984-1987-Ibanez HD1000 (delay and harmonizer) This is what Weir used for the pitch shifter (E.G.-Dupree's or Playin jams, etc...)