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 #120119  by gr8fullfred
 Thu Oct 25, 2012 8:24 am
I caught Melvin and JGB at club Metronome in Burlington Vermont Sunday 10/21/12.

I thought this band was absolutely fantastic. Unbelievably tight band. You know, one of those bands that sound amazingly tight from the first note. Melvin has of course a real B3, not some digital emulation of a B3. And two real Leslie cabs, nothing sounds, ur actually "feels" like that. No freaking digital emulation sounds anything close.

Dave Herbert, Melvin's guitar player is no doubt one of the best Jerry influenced guitar players out there. Freaking great. Sings a bunch of Jerry band songs with an authentic style reminiscent of big guy himself. Fantastic guitar playing. Super nice guy, easy to chat with. Playing a Troy Post, with the Waldo buffer.

I highly recommend seeing this band as they are freaking awesome! I went expecting good, and they delivered awesome. One of the best shows I have seen post Jerry. If you are a younger person, who missed seeing Jerry, this band delivers an amazing show. Highly reminiscent of the real thing. With maybe a bit more energy. Played JGB songs, with a killer shakedown encore.

Lighting was terrible for taking pics with my point and shoot, but here are a couple to take a look at.
No kidding, freaking awesome.......................
 #120125  by Laytonco
 Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:43 am
Gr8fulfred - +100

They killed in in Denver earlier this month (Quixotes) and Dave came and played with my band New Speedway Boogie on Sunday night. Describing that as treat is an understatement. He was amazing, one of the best "Jerry"s" out there for sure. I took him back to his hotel afterwards and found him to be as nice a person as you can find. That talent plus that goodness is admirable in my book.


 #120158  by tapestry
 Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:53 am
Melvin and JGB +100 for sure. Great band, great folks. Melvin sounds incredible and Dave is one of the best guitar players around. I cant say enough about Pete's drumming - wow. Jimmy really can stay in the pocket - And of course Shirley and Cheryl are THE BEST!

Kat and I just sat in with Melvin last week when they did a pickup show in Saranac Lake, NY and played GD tunes. The whole night was a ton of fun. Dave and I may be doing a video podcast soon discussing gear and playing arrangements, modes, etc.

I have some video and audio of the night Ill be uploading soon.