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 #119751  by JonnyBoy
 Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:34 pm
Here is a rehearsal recording with our new Rhythm guitarist and bass player. Tell me what you think. We were messing with a new EQ for my mic and sounds kinda blah...thought the instruments tone was good tho. I tried a seinnheiser md 741 in a weird angle over the dust cap but not direct on the face of the mic. I am singing and playing Jerry stuff. It is actually the first time playing the song in this incarnation, we finally got it back into rotation of having it out a month. I flub the first solo a little, but the end jam is worthy of a listen. I have a cold too! So don't hate on the missed high notes! ... -12-12.mp3
 #119761  by Scarlet
 Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:30 am
This is great stuff. Nice tones & playing from everybody. Band is tight, especially considering the new bass & rhythm gtr. I wish I could sing as well as you - cold or not! Particularly dug the distorted Slipknot tone & your kbd player's Rhodes sound.
 #119765  by JonnyBoy
 Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:34 am
The bass player is the old guitar player, one of those multiple instrumental prodigy guys that reminds you there is so much more to learn. He is a bass player mostly tho. The guitar player is from a local band here that was always my favorite band to go see, it's a real treat. We have switched up players in hopes to get things to the next level kinda thing. This being the starting point of that, I am pretty stoked so far. Nothing lasts forever and everything is negotiable. I need to enjoy it while I'm blessed with this lineup. Everyone huge dead heads too. That makes a difference.

That distortion tone is a long time coming, finally with the hm-2 and a ge7 to get more horn sound out of it. As for the singing I still remember years ago when I said " I don't sing, I won't sing ,and no one will really want me to either" I gotta eat those words now.

Thanks for listening I appreciate you taking the time to review it.
 #119769  by mgbills
 Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:41 am
You should be really proud. Man...I dug it from the first struck note.

It's got the bounce. EeYea.
 #119782  by czyfingers
 Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:55 pm
JB, that was good stuff....your playing and singing sound great. Especially not screwing up the weird slipknot riffs like I always do. Rhythm guit sounded real nice on franklins. Keyboards are killer. Just can't comment on the bass, since I listened on my iPhone speakers.
All in should be proud.
 #119844  by Lunchbox16
 Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:29 pm
Listened to this yesterday and thought it was great. Nice job all around!
 #119845  by strumminsix
 Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:35 pm
Very, very, very nice. Better than I've EVER done with a band. Could be great. Here are some tips:
1. Help: "poised for flight" - tentative sounding rhythm, sounded like something missing. also vocals tried to go higher than necessary.
2. Into Slipknot: Sounds like the rhythm is missing the diminished runs then the m7 whip with the bassist
3. Slipknot: let the rhythm have the 5 times around of "up and down note" runs preceding the big D breakout and you solo over and around that
4. Outro Slipknot:
.........Sounds like the rhythm is faking the diminished runs. It just repeats the same dim7 chord up and down the neck
.........Rhythm is not playing the right m7 chords with the bassist
.........the ending chords are A to Cmaj7 (heard him laying back on this in Franklin's outro too!)
2. Franklins,very tasty from start to end! Keep that up! It breathes and wonderful and not monotonous! Bravo!!!
 #119846  by JonnyBoy
 Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:30 pm

He is using Pete's video on doing the diminished runs, but is still learning them. This was really the first time we have run the song as a full group. He and I have met 2 times to run it practicing, but he admittedly mentioned he jsut dropped out here and there and tried to keep it going when he lost place. This is just one of those songs that takes practice.

What I am honestly amazed about, is that our rhythm section has improved so much. no longer are we starting at 96 BPM and then ending at 126 at slipknot. It rides so much better. It drove our drummer nuts that all our songs were being sped up. After reviewing the hours of recordings it was the bass player as he insisted.

It was sad to loose Jack (old bass player), but it really tightened up when Adam (old rhythm player new bass player) moved to bass and the drummer, who has played with adam for years and years as a bass player, just fell into the pocket like a glove. Rodney, the new guitarist, is a dead head, but has never learned this song before but for "fakin' till he's makin" I'm impressed.

I still don't know why I reach for that "Lock bolt and Key!" so high. I am gonna stop doing that. That is good advice for sure.

I think Rod will pick up the little stuff pretty quickly but this helps to verbalize it, cuz you know the parts!!! Thanks Strum and everyone else too!
 #119858  by tcsned
 Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:58 am
Awesome Jon! Your playing totally kicked ass and your tone is fantastic. If I had one favorite Dead tune this would be it and you guys more than did it justice.

:hail: :hail:
 #119897  by rugger
 Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:10 am

I think you guys really nail the 1 from the Vault tone and feel of the song. This may be the most impressive aspect to me. Very cool.

What's the rhythm player's rig?

john in san diego
 #119900  by JonnyBoy
 Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:36 am
Man he is a tone nut like us. He is using a custom deluxe head into a webber Cali 2x12 closed back cab. His dirt are BYO rat pedal with some other hand made pedals. Using a custom strat wit single coils. He's real knowledgable about circuits so they are all set to his tastes. He would fit right in at RUKIND for sure.
Yes GAMH distortion tone is my favorite. Thanks for all the kind words and help. JB