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 #119096  by Pete B.
 Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:07 am
Just checking in on the RuKind factor for The Edgefield this weekend.
Anyone looking for a meet-up or jam?
So far GratefulFred and I are planning to meet up for a jam.
I'm about 19 miles from the Edgefield (just off the Terwilliger exit on I-5, about 4 mi south of downtown Portland), but could host a daytime jam on Thurs or Fri daytime (maybe Sat)... I usually head out to the Edgefield by ~4pm or so at latest.
There is Jackson Park on the Sandy River about 1.5 miles from the Edgefield (possible acoustic jam or battery powered amp jam).
There are alot of spots at The Edgefield to possibly hang/jam or just hoist an RuKind toast.
Anyway... here's my # if anyone wants to hang: Pete B. - 503-621-8209

We could always meet at the Jerry statue, which I think will be inside the concert fence.
 #119120  by tigerstrat
 Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:02 pm
That's going to be a popular meeting spot! Guess what Pete- Shelley and I are going Fri. night!

There's a great (during and-)after-party all three nights (until dawn). My band plays Thurs at 9pm and Sat at 12:30am:
Portland Prankster Ball
Bobwhite Theater
6423 SE Foster Road Portland, OR 97206
$15 / all-ages / two stages

Come One, Come All, it's a 3 Night Pranksters' Ball! ...with Cody's Wheel, The Real, Blue Lotus, Cats Under The Stars, Doc Ocular, Woodknot, Lost Creek Gang, Kokobola, Spongecake & The Fluff Ramblers, RevelleveL, Stoney Holiday,The Normal Bean Band, Fireflyz, Quick & Easy Boys, Fire in the Rootz, Box Set Duo(w/Jeff Pehrson of Furthur), and Cast of Clowns(feat. Damian Erskine, Greg Anton of Zero, Jeff Pevar of Phil & Friends) Madness, magic, and happy mayhem will ensue! Can you pass the test? Don't worry, we've got the Cliff notes... We love you all! ... 258086480/
 #119137  by Pete B.
 Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:24 am
Shelley and I are going Fri. night!
That's great, T.
I'll see you guys out there Fri.
Maybe an RuKind photo op will materialize.
 #119183  by Pete B.
 Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:38 am
Nice program last night!
JK played what I assume is his new Alembic all night.
I thought he sounded good. Very Jerry in alot of places, more "JK" in others.
Bobby and Phil both looked and played great.
Some good jams. Good vocals. Overall good sound. I thought I could hear each instrument/vocal pretty well.
A very cool venue for the boys!
 #119207  by mgbills
 Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:54 pm
Incredible musicianship. Especially by Phil, Mr Chimenti and Jon K.
Thoroughly Awesome!
 #119215  by NorthboundRain
 Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:59 am
Friday night's show was amazing! Wonderful interplay and musicianship on everyone's part. Personal highlights include Jack Straw, Satisfaction (brought me right back to 8/1/94) and the Help ) Slip ) Let It Grow that dominated the 2nd set.

The Merry Prankster sitting next to me definitely altered my perception but I think this was the best show I've seen since Phil & Friends 10/7/2000.

Fun times afterwards at The White Eagle with Garcia Birthday Band too.

Box Of Rain on Thursday, Looks Like Rain on Friday, what are they gonna play Saturday?
 #119223  by Phil Lesh101
 Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:00 am
Pete B. wrote:JK played what I assume is his new Alembic all night.
You are right indeed, it is his alembic

 #119231  by mgbills
 Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:25 pm
Friday was awesome! But...somebody needs to remove the feed-backy hollow bodies from Bobs options. I'm having 1985 flashbacks.
 #119287  by mgbills
 Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:54 am
Great weekend in Portland!

I was repeatedly astounded by caliber of musicianship. For this weekend my Gold Star goes to John K. & Jeff Chimenti for being on point, high energy, and demonstrating again that they belong where they are. I really dug the Thelonious Monk moments from Jeff...very cool.

John is keeping it cool. His Alembic is stunning, and didn't seem to lack tonal options. There is a slight lack of treble presence or compression, but my (shared) sense is that it's a rig thing, not a guitar thing. (Already discussed in great detail.) It does affect how his Mutron reacts I believe. My favorite John moment was Saturday during Foolish Heart. Now I would not have selected that for any playlist. My perception is JK had a brief brain-cramp when it came to the customary solo. He was cool ...collected ...and just bubbled right up into something pretty darn cool. In other words...a real pro. Very Jerry...and yet more & more John.

More later. Gotta work at work.