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 #118524  by eric
 Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:59 pm
eric wrote:
hippieguy1954 wrote:I feel bad for ya too. Talk about let downs. Man, oh man. PP does drag it, but they have a good reputation for situations like this so ya will get your coin...might take a while and require documentation from your tech and a photo, but you will get it.

"The w-a-a-a-a-a-i-t-i-n-g is the hardest part"

Interesting, eric, I thought the same thing when I read his post about the big gigs, and how all of a sudden in a rush, he needed all this equiptment really fast. Seemed odd. Now I know why.

Yup. His "stadium reggae gigs" that he needed a 2300 and a 4k120 stack for. But he said he was gonna keep his 2100 and 3e120 stack for the smaller gigs. "all the reggae dudes were like whoa when i muted and chucked my Mutron" hahahah !

He talked of his long run with a successful band in the 90's.
Listen to his video demos. It's worse than lil' Wayne!!! Im mainly just a "hobbyist" player, yet I would look like Eddie Freaking Van Halen next to this guy ...

And ... Costum revere tankk out in line tap midle pahsing Conouter Valves ..3mil spec dpdtdpt3
Toglemini strito blasstar 150 feet of Flight line ...that he used to wire it all together.. Blah blah blah.

My all time favorite post of his is where he says he was taught by...
" With help from Gary Brawer, Parrish on facebook and Mr.Cripe in early 95 I fully understood how the piezo was placed and operated. "

and the icing on the cake .."Looking real good man and careful with that router. PM me if you need any tips. hawk."

You can actually go back and read all the threads about all the "mods" he did to that Mac..At least he documented all that! This might give your tech an even better idea of how bad things really are inside there .And he then unveils his "Phase 2" of MC 2100 mods, and that's when things seem to really go underwater. It clearly affirms that Mac was " smoking", in a bad way ...
 #118527  by eric
 Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:28 pm
tigger wrote:It's horrible, but "stadium reggae" makes me laugh...

To be fair , he did say he was sharing the stage with Ziggy Marley...

But man , after that sweet routing job , i bet the 6ft tall Russian birch cab he's building would bring Norm Abrams to his knees...

Shite, it's 12:26, my playa hatin holiday is over ..
 #118534  by cmc64
 Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:51 am
Good grief!!! What did he do to that poor guitar? As far as I understand it, routing is not to be performed with a chainsaw. "Looking good". Wow..... There are no words.....

I got some good laughs from reading the follow-ups to my post. I must thank you guys again - I really appreciate it. This is a bad situation but I am patient and confident it will work out in my favor. I filed the paypal dispute about 12 days ago and he has not responded to it. Paypal gives you 20 days to resolve a dispute and then they close it unless you escalate it to a claim. I am trying to be a nice a guy and give him the full 20 days to take responsibility but in all honesty, as patient as I can be, I really want to escalate this to a claim and really get things rolling. Unless this guy is dead he must know what is going on. According to his profile he has not logged in since 8/28/2012 but that does not mean he hasn't been lurking. If he has been online at all he should know what has transpired. He obviously knows what he did.

No hating here. But that picture of Darth Sidious is great. He always seems to know when to show up :-)
 #118580  by hawk900
 Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:57 pm
Let's all bash with hate on hawk on a gd forum. I sold most of my equip except a few things I wanna be burried with. Nice hack job!!!! Yes a router can leave burn marks. Maybe I should have posted the carbon paint step then the copper layer on the inside of the walnut cover. The guitar was still in works at the time before I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Have fun emulating jer with your plastic pickguard strats as an insulator.
Now I sold a dead 2100 to a guy whom obviously knows the truth about the amp and can't even hook speakers to it before checking to see if the ohm screw wires were shorted to ground before powering up. I messaged bootup instructions especially coming into the US through customs and they most likely slammed the thing around dealing with CP and USPS. I had to pick up from two diff shippers before using USPS because it was being held at the Detroit border due to a detection of hydrogen and had to drain the 39000 cans 1st.
I could careless about stadium reggae or reggae period we were playing funk and I blended in a little Keystone Jer with it. I also don't talk with Phil on a monthly basis either nor Jeff C.
Glad my fentanyl patch is kickin in I can atleast type. Love the lil wayne and Cripe comment. I also love your mentors on this site whom make money off other people's info maybe a Koons relative?
Will post some live tracks and some vids tonight not reggae though. LMAO Just Dead
 #118584  by hawk900
 Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:13 pm
hawk900 wrote:Scroll down to the parallel on the left. Second cleanest and slightly flatter identical to Bertha,Touch,etc intros,verses. switch to split for lead. Series is an option too for feeding an OC-2 or maybe an ol MXR or raunch. ... ductor.pdf
ps. Not even gonna go back to the Cripe piezo issue. If you couldn't hear the blended piezo when he got the Bolt that's your ears and beliefs. Maybe he used an acoustic modulator the entire show. LOL
 #118589  by mijknahs
 Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:16 pm
Smolder wrote:burn marks?
bootup instructions?
39000 cans?
koons relative?

fentanyl patch
ah, got it. moving on.
The "39000 cans" refer to the giant filter capacitors on the McIntosh. They are 39,000 mf. I have no idea why "hydrogen" would be detected.
 #118592  by hawk900
 Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:00 pm
Actually they said "pressurized hydrogen" but the was the excuse the homeland security told me and asked me if I would approve secondary inspection aka rip it to pieces. So I picked it up after trying 2 diff shippers and took it to an ol tv repair shop and the dude there said one can had almost 40psi in it and the other was over 70. Blame those 9/11 bastards for all this crap.
Anyway here's a RexFoundationBenefit we did in exactly 1 month after the day my world ended. Played most of the show with tears pouring down my face. My gear was only US strat ,onboard FX loop,DOD envelope,orig DS-1 and lame mic'd Fender Stage 110 amp. encore Shakedown<Feelin Alright(Traffic)<Shakedown. We played steady gigs wed in Canada ,Sat's in AnnArbour plus some frat parties,and alot of benefit concerts,spinal biff,aids,breast cancer,and REX. We had a tapers section for the die hards and didn't have too many board and VHS recordings because I thought it was never gonna end. Just a slide show with aud recording.
Here's some lilWayne for ya:
 #118594  by hawk900
 Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:28 pm
Here's another little home jam He's Gone<Standing with my 4th modded SG in a terrible drywalled echoey room and no reverb and the terrible 2100 I supposedly ripped someone off in this forum. Sorry about the mistakes I had no sense of stability as Jer would say and I was breakin in some e-120's...............I know excuses excuses:
 #118595  by hawk900
 Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:43 pm
Smolder wrote:burn marks?
bootup instructions?
39000 cans?
koons relative?

fentanyl patch
ah, got it. moving on.
ahh I'm glad u got it . Apparently fentanyl is an post cancer radiation pain killer,bootup instructions like make sure ohm jacks aren't shorting because I was informed for some reason MAC's protect the speakers not the amp,vol on 0,hook up and power up pre and evrything else 1st.,i know theyre 39000uf caps peeps call them cans,koon's relative are people makin money after his death on his stuff in my interpretation. Glad u got it