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 #116984  by cmc64
 Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:11 am
Any thoughts out there on using a Fender Twin amplifier as a pre-amp. A local guitar shop has a beautiful one at a very decent price. The amp already has a buiult in 1/4" lline-levelmpre-amp out along with a balanced (XLR) line output. Tube biasing is done very easily via pots on the back panel and insert points for your mulitimeter. Also has a switch to lower the output from 100w to 25w for bedroom lvel playing.

I played through the amp and it does sound good - just curious as to whether anyojenhas used it successfully as a pre-amp to a McIntosh or other solid-state (or tube) amp. And that is with or without mods.

I am going to be needing a pre soon and if this one wluld work it would be a godsend as I could use it a a pre or just a straight combo amp if that need ever came up.

it does have the poush/pull master volume (but if I am correct they all do). It appears to be a very versatile amplfier.

Thanks all!