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 #115160  by Deadhead85
 Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:42 pm
Hey gang,

I have been in the process of having a "cowboy preamp eq pedal" made. Unfortunately, it has hit a wall, and the guy who had been working on it, admitted defeat and gave it back. So, now I have a reproduction EQ board of Bobby's Cowboy Ibanez, pots, knobs etc...and really no way of getting it to work. If ANYONE reading this knows of someone willing to finish this project, please let me know! If it's unable to be made, I'm considering selling the board and the parts. However, in doing so, that leaves me with other options on my mind...and I'm not certain which one would be the best route. I run quite a few pedals, with lengthy cables. So, IF I do move on from this pre amp ideas include:

1. Waldo buffer pedal.

Yes, a Jerry thing rather than a Bobby type of pedal. I think it'd really help my guitar tone come through all the pedals and cable, as its intended. I wonder how it handles active pickups?

2. HBE (Homebrew Electronics) Detox EQ.

Designed by Paul Gilbert, this EQ allows you to shape bass, mid and treble and control gain. It's along the same lines the cowboy eq, but uses the Burr Brown IC. I can't seem to find any reviews or demos of the pedal being used on a clean signal...most use this EQ to clean up high gain signals.

3. Empress ParaEQ.

VERY pricey, but VERY nice Parametric EQ.

My "main" pedalboard inclues: Budda Wah -> Boss TU2 -> Electro Harmonix Qtron+ -> MXR Custom Comp -> MXR Distortion+ -> Boss GE7 -> MXR Custom Shop Phase 90 -> Ibanez FL9 -> Boss Super Chorus

"effects loop" board: Ernie Ball VP Jr -> Maxon OD9 -> Boss DD6 -> Ibanez AD9 (all powered by Voodoo Labs)

Having said all that, what do you guys think? thoughts? opinions?