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 #109480  by mijknahs
 Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:35 pm
Jerry1996x wrote:Ya, I think I will just have the 1/4" added. It is just 1 jack right? O the site, he talks about a stereo plug and how u need a junction box and effects loop. Is this pertaining to what I want to do? uhg. More confusion hahaha.
Don't confuse yourself with effects loops and junction boxes. Those are only needed for the guitar effects loop. It doesn't pertain to the amp at all. The amp just needs one 1/4" jack to work.
 #109481  by Jerry1996x
 Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:39 pm
Ok so basically its just that 1st line that has to do with the preamp tap? Should I just tell the guy that? It seems like all of that would get a bit confusing when I just want the tap, plane and simple. Because also it looks like in the schematic there are 2 jacks. Or I could be wrong haha. Who knows. Ill leave it up to the people that know what going on :smile: :smile:
 #109485  by mijknahs
 Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:38 pm
Jerry1996x wrote:Ok so basically its just that 1st line that has to do with the preamp tap? Should I just tell the guy that? It seems like all of that would get a bit confusing when I just want the tap, plane and simple. Because also it looks like in the schematic there are 2 jacks. Or I could be wrong haha. Who knows. Ill leave it up to the people that know what going on :smile: :smile:
You just want the jack that is on the reverb (vibrato) channel. Ignore the schematic for the normal channel unless you want a preamp tap for the normal channel as well (trust me - you don't). Tell the tech to look at the schematic and do the tap with the brown colored lines (not the one with the green lines). That's all you need.
 #109589  by Jerry1996x
 Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:41 pm
Been talkin to the tech, he's into the idea, and sais it will be about $130 max. ill be bringing it up in the next few weeks. Super pumped! :cool: :smile:
 #109772  by mijknahs
 Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:20 pm
Jerry1996x wrote:Does anyone know how many rack spaces a 2120 takes up?
3 rack spaces.
 #109810  by hawk900
 Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:14 pm
SarnoMusicSolutions wrote:Great work and great info Hawk!

Re-capping is so cool. In a way, your amp is perhaps even better then when new because electrolytic cap's of today are superior in performance to those back then.

The ultimate feeling was remebering how the 2100 sounded the day it arrived from ebay and using jumpered back fueling two e-120-8's and 67 twin jer custom pot/cap modded tone stack with one jbl reverb linked. Then with the help from waldo's site I modded the driver cards(big diff) and found another guide on the net explaining the crucial list of caps on the two main styles of Mc boards and regardeless of usuage. It's age period plus yes SMS the new cap materials nowadays.
Whole cap changing job cost me under 30bucks.
WE I PLUGGED THIS BABY IN I THINK I FINGER PICKED THE FIRST CHORD AND HAD TO SIT DOWN IN SHOCK THE MASSIVE CHANGE IN CLARITY AND RICHNESS. Very hard to describe. No other change in setup except the cap replacements I mentioned.

My setup is simple....Gibson SG routed front n back...dimarz dp104's,waldos TPC-1,fx loop,67 fender twin jer modded tone stack,mc2100 jer mods(except banana jacks),two e120's one wet with orig fender spring tank and one dry. rebuilt original mutron3,mxr phase100,orig ds-1,mxr ana delay,pups all activatable any time in either of 3modes and magneticly and wired in phase with custom piezo/sds-1 bridge pup(cripe tone)

ps I suck at drawing schemes but like to add some of the pot/cap mods jer used on his twins to share
 #111318  by Jerry1996x
 Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:02 pm
Well I got the Mac! Unfortunately I havent bene able to use it yet, the twin is out getting modded now. I decided on Jimmy Somma of Sommatone to do it. Super nice guy. I also just got a GCX, so i have many new toys i am eagerly awating to get all the components to use. Just snapped some pics of the current rig, and will upload soon. I am ordering a shelf and cables for the effects tonight. I was just wondering where a recomended place for the mac to be located in the rig. I know jerry had his under the twin, but obviously the 2300 is more rugged. I am assuming this wouldt be a good idea with the 2120, right?
 #111907  by hawk900
 Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:10 pm
Actually Jer's Mc was at the bottom of his rack and the twins circuit boards are off to the side going vertically. Vertically because the reverb tank actually runs cleaner and apparently the spring has no chance of touching sides being upright.
My take on the position of your MC is keep that baby as close to the ground as possible due to the weight. I believe the 2100 is close to 70lbs and the budman 2300 is over 100 so if these babies ever fell or tipped it would probably go through the stage and definitely get damaged big time.
I built a custom double reinforced and double shelved rack with Castors just for this setup. I would never rely on my standard guitar rack mounting bolts or the rack period. Then above that I now added a third Fender that fits in the twin cab minus the speaker of course. Playin with an AA763 right now and added a Princeton AB763 single with my orig twin w/reverb. Then vertical pedals above. Will post pics when painting is done.
ps It's cool to have some diff circuits to fall back on and do diff tweaks to. I eventually want to grab a TRIO and deadicated tube reverb setup just to sample the cripe era setup and try and throw my piezo blend in and get some acoustic twangs happening.
 #111909  by Jerry1996x
 Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:22 pm
Ya, like i said, its just resting at the bottom of the rack. Which is good, but ide rather have it somewhere a little less awkward. it takes up space in the rack, and i have to remove it wheneverr im moving the rack. Any ideas?
 #111913  by hawk900
 Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:23 pm
Well I built a custom rack/cart with castors(cab wheels) on one side and a steel handle on the other side. I know it might sound ghetto but I used 2x4's for the frame. 1/2 plywood for 3 levels with metal L brackets. The bottom shelf for the MC I used two shelves screwed together and L brackets on top and bottom plus an extra cross beam underneath the power transistor side. You must take ventilation into major consideration. I left about a foot of headroom plus added two fans above the driver cards and transistor heat sinks(a little extreme). Both back and front have a door for transport and lockable so no one even breaths on my MC when I'm not around. I used L shaped pop off hinges so you can take the doors right off and a padlock flap on the other side of each. I'm also thinkin that when I'm done tweaking the 2100 I'm going to use brackets bolted through the MC chassis just incase it wants to slide.
I've already rolled this rack down a ramp unloading our gear out of a truck a gig in Montreal a month back and the MC didn't move an inch. That's how much it weighs. I'd still like to devise a suspension or cushioning system for the cart when wheeling it over bumps etc.
When it's all done painted in gloss back it'll have a more metal appearance.
ps.check these for MC speaker screws saweet ... 275wt_1164
 #111924  by hawk900
 Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:38 pm
Yes that's perfect if your speaker cab uses a 1/4 standard jack. Actually that's a smokin well insulated cable which would be much preferred over any standard amp two wire cable or clear speaker wire. Gauge or not a high end insulated cable is a beautiful thing especially when running around all diff electrical environments.
 #112451  by Jerry1996x
 Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:08 pm
Got to plug the 2120 in for the first time today, and it sounded sooooo good. I couldnt be happier. Thanks to all of you guys for the help and info. I greatly appreciate it! Right now my settings are: Twin at 5, 2120 at 12 o'clock, and guitar at about 8. It sounds killer, but the peak limit lights on the mac go on a lot. Is that normal?