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 #107939  by TI4-1009
 Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:39 am
 #108461  by crazyfingerssotm
 Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:52 pm
That got my wheels going....

Research so far leaves me to see how much there is to know.

And a bunch of questions.

I wondered if his warmoth body was custom or stock. He mentioned a shimmed horn, but I don't see such options on their site. The vintage swamp ash bodies are inexpensive.

I also wonder where he got a vintage reissue American made Fender maple neck. I can't seem to find those that easily.

I asked him but haven't heard back. Any ideas/recommends? I think I want to try a build.
 #108788  by crazyfingerssotm
 Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:04 pm
TI4-1009 wrote:More browsing on Dark Star Palace: ... l-yer.html
I hope you don't mind I have fairly well hijacked this thread...

I just ordered a Warmoth Vintage Srat body. Because it's vintage, I didn't get the American tremolo bridge routing (like Darkstarpalace did), so it's the 6-hole trem route, but the grain came as close to the OG Alligator as I could get from their stock. I chose their Transparent Yellow finish. Does anyone think that would be a bad finish? I suppose I have time to cancel the finish, and try to find someone to do it locally. Any ideas?

Also, from my earlier post, does anyone know where can one find a Fender vintage re-issue neck, maple, American made with nitro finish? I cannot find any that readily.
 #108803  by crazyfingerssotm
 Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:08 pm
bstormwind wrote:57 American reissue strat necks are available on eBay. Will cost some bucks though.
I read somewhere that his neck was a '62, but don't know if that is reliable. Also, nowhere can I find what the shape/profile of it was. C-shape? V?
eBay, huh? So am I to understand the fender reissue necks are no longer manufactured in America and sold as new?
 #108878  by crazyfingerssotm
 Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:16 am
Ok so I did some looking into this. Tweeking out really. Know this was posted elsewhere, but great stuff on Alligator Build from Aegis here: ... strat.html ... strat.html

He did a great job with it.

So here is the plan. We'll see how it goes because you know, all the things I planned to do...

Alligator Build
Warmoth vintage body, tremolo cavity, 6-hole trem route. Will fill cavity with wood block and epoxy. Will look into aging, relic processes, tanning, cigarette burns, etc. Should arrive in 5-6 weeks.
Must find Fender '57 neck (profile TBD), maple w/ nitrocellulose finish (saving dollars for it). Why skimp here? Will re-fret with jumbo vintage fretwire.
Brass string tree for low E, A, D, G strings
Brass Nut
Brass control plate
Brass Jack plate cover
Blaster with no switch/always on
Black hat knobs - Alembic, or (might look for military spec raytheon knobs just for the adventure of it)
Fender custom shop '69 Pups
5-way PUP switch
Still conflicted about the bridge and tailpiece assembly. TBD
Shielding will also be a learning thing. TBD

For all the bad rap on the alembic bridge, sustain block, wood riser and tailpiece thing (which IMO looks cooler than the other version), its career was 8 months versus the older versions 4 month jaunt (including E '72). That being a strange variable for consideration, I am still unsure about how tone will be affected. The alembic bridge would also be maybe hard to find, so... I will wrestle with this.

I will think on all of this, welcome input and post pics as I go, like in 6 weeks when I can post a pic of the body.
Thx all...