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 #105930  by Operator552
 Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:39 pm
I got this thing from SoundBlox for barely over $100. Just before this one I had the boutique box from Hartman (about $300). It was very nice but too sensitive... hard for me to tweak. Sweet spot in the UP direction didn't work for the DOWN, and so on. It was also sensitive to input signal to the point of distraction for me. To me, this cheap-ass plastic digi-modeling toy from SoundBlox is amazing for the money. A little noisy for sure, but during a jam who cares? It also has almost 30 different versions of the effect... several of which are actually useable. Here's a clip of a recent solo on Willie and the Hand Jive at a backyard party. Don Grosh strat, vintage DR with red alnico Tone Tubby. Bizarre sync error for some reason. Oh well.