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 #104192  by deepelem
 Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:49 am
Guys please go easy on me ..... this is my first post here .......... :peas: ....... and I have no experience of pickups other than standard Strat fenders. I intend to get a Tiger of some description but this will take some time to come together .. In the meantime I am looking to see what I can do with my Strat to get the middle pickup Jerry tone off my strat.
Becasue I will be getting a Tiger clone later on I don't want to bodge up my Strat to fit a humbucker in the middle position so I am looking for single coils size humbucking pickup options that I can put in the middle position that will approximate the DiMArzio Super 2 tone.
At the moment all I can find is the Seymour Duncan Lil' Screamin Demon pickup ... Can anyone tell me if this comes anywhere close to the sound of a Super 2 .. or any other options that might be suitable.
Thanks ......... :drink:
 #104193  by claytushaywood
 Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:20 am
I played a 70's strat with stock pickups from the era that got a pretty good jerry tone. i bet with a stratoblaster some really bright, sparkly strat pickup in the middle position would get you as close as your gonna get to jerry with single coil wolf tone. the custom shop 69's are supposedly the brightest pickups of the CS line- though ive only had like 5 minutes with em and didnt have em on a fender twin. dimarzio makes a super distortion pickup in single coil size- but its made for the angled bridge position and the super D has a lot different tonal response than the super 2. though jerry did use the super d's (and dual sounds which are exactly the same as super d's) for a short'ish period. these are options for jerry tone, but they are not really super 2 sound options- but a good trebly strat pickup is in the same arena as the treble based super 2- probably more so than a regular super distortion. all in all, i think finding something close to stock fender 70's pickups is your best option for single coil middle position to get a jerry tone. unless someone out there has found a single coil like the split super 2!