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 #103974  by claytushaywood
 Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:31 pm
So i've been contemplating a jerry build for quite some time. not rich enough for a moriarty so ive been thinking maybe just do a strat with the electronics, warmoth wgd...musikraft set neck 25.5 strat. hmmm... now i find post guitars!!!!

im very interested in getting a stripped down wolf. i saw they have a bolt on version with simple woods for like $1000 with all the electronics done up. but the body shape looks a little off. does anyone have any experience or pics and prices of other post jerry guitars?

id really like to get a simple wolf with either set or neck through. simpler woods and laminates, no inlays. but i do want the shape and color to be correct... or very close. or any other companies out there that could help me with this? i was really hoping i could get someone to build me a simple wooded body and neck finished and routed, everything but hardware and electronics and wiring. seems like im getting closer. im not a rich guy and dont intend on being anytime soon. i just assumed i was gonna have to save 5 bucks a day for several years and hope that moriarty was still building bare bones wolfs! now thats a long shot! being able to get the price down on something close enough would allow for the speaker cab mac come in within the decade!!!

thanks guys!