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 #103544  by mark4man
 Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:01 pm
hello again...

recently...on the internet archive I ran across a recording of I concert I attended in April of 1971...Dillon Gym at Princeton University (one he_ _ of a show...!!!...I might add).

it is in the form of FLAC files on a music player widget (I think)...& as such is recordable from same...but I'm wondering:

This recording was supposedly patched live directly off dan healy's sound console to tape; & then archived to DAT sometime later by Dick Latvala (which is the process by which the historical 'Dick's Picks' came about, I understand).

so, does anyone know if there is another source for GD recordings of this type (especially this one)...whereby one can obtain the original digital audio ( would be converted to *.cda for cd release)...???