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 #102331  by hard truckers co
 Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:33 pm
Just a final reminder that the First Annual Dead Gear Expo goes down this Saturday and Sunday, August 20th and 21st Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ.

Come on down and support. This is everything that us deadheads have always wanted, in one room. With your support we can do this again next year, even bigger and even better.

Tickets are only $15.00 for the Expo and $5.00 for the concerts in advance. Tickets can still be purchased at (search for dead gear expo) at and Additional tickets have been released and will be available at the door, so bring your friends out for a rocking Grateful Dead weekend.

Vendors like McIntosh, the Hard Truckers, Louis Electric, Pigtronix, Resurrection Guitars, Moriarty Guitars, and Amplified Parts will all have killer gear on hand to demo. Bring your own axe or check out one of the many killer guitars on display. Look for the all-new Hard Truckers / Louis Electric Head of the Dead "Captain Trips" amp making its debut. 150 watts of power so clean you would swear there is a Mac attached. Want to attach a Mac to power your rig, no problem as the Captain Trips power section can be disconnected with the flip of a switch which allows you to attach a 2300 or any power amp.

Not into gear or guitars, both evenings will be capped off by concerts by two incredible Grateful Dead bands. Saturday night Playing Dead travels down from Boston to perform. Led by the tasty leads of Vic DeRobertis Playing Dead will take you on a musical adventure. Sunday night the Long Island boys from Half Step will be an exclamation point that caps off the musical trip of a weekend.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is sold out; additional reservations can be made at the Marriot Glenpoint, which is only a few miles away.

Bring a friend or three, door prizes from Wald Electronics, Dead Images, Telefunken and more will be raffled off. Come on down and represent. The Dead Gear Expo, Comic-con for Deadheads! Thanks for your support!
 #102363  by hard truckers co
 Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:40 am
The expo gets started at 12:30pm both days and ends at 6:00pm. Bothe evenings concerts begin at 8:00pm and end when Playing Dead and Half Step have their way with us.

Special guests are expected to make their way down throughout the day and including Thomas Lieber of Lieber Guitars who was Doug Irwin's apprentice while wolf and tiger was being built. There will be a free raffle each day at 6:00 with prizes from Wald Electronics, Dead Images, Telefunken, Pigtronix, the Hard Truckers and more.

Each vendor will have a 10 minute or so showcase at the top of each hour culminating with a very special "Jerry" riffs n rigs Saturday by rukind member Vic DeRobertis and Sunday by rukinder Scott Bardorf featuring "Bobby" isms. And toes Scott promised to wear his daisy duke shorts, seva shirt and play his pepto pink guitar. Seriously though, Scott is bringing his ibanez weir cowboy fancy guitar for people to check out.

Bring your guitars to demo to your hearts content.
See you tomorrow.
 #102383  by Pete B.
 Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:21 am
Please post some pics!