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 #101486  by jeager
 Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:33 pm
So I am gearing up to build a new strat, this will be my second Warmoth build and I would like to put an OBEL and TPC buffer in it. I would like it if some of you could share some ideas on how to set up OBEL so that I can switch it in/out... specifically, on a standard strat body where should I locate the switch. I plan on putting a blender pot (allows blending of neck and bridge pUs) in place of the second tone control so that spot is out, I guess I need to put a mini-toggle in someplace but not sure where it should be located so that I can get to it easily, not sure there is sufficient space above/below the second tone knob?

Other thing that I would like is a second mini-toggle to shut the buffer off, i want this simply because I like to leave my guitar plugged in and ready lots of time and don't want to waste battery power...

ideas on locating the second jack would be great too... I have seen strats with a double jack plate, not sure where to get one of those, I have also thought of locating a second jack on the side/edge of the guitar...

Any thoughts, pictures diagrams would be welcome, I know some of you folks have done similar projects.

 #101520  by jeager
 Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:01 am
The Mattsoncaster looks great. Funny, I have been thinking of doing a blue and black die finish on mine, sort of similar. Somewhere I remember seeing a post showing how Jeff'sstandard strat was retrofitted with an OBEL and TPC1 but I can't seem to locate that post, web page or whatever.

 #101725  by jeager
 Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:49 pm
Thanks for your reply. When I click the link you posted it directs me to you tube but I don't see the video there. This seems to be happening with lots of you tube links I have been trying links for on the rukind site... not sure what is up. Thanks fir posting though.