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 #101332  by hippieguy1954
 Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:57 am
Does anyone know where to get a brass Tiger pick-up ring? Moriority used to sell them, but Matt told me yesterday he is stopping the parts sales. I could try making one as the brass is cheap (15" x 3 1/2" for $14) and not hard to get. The problem is cutting the area out where the pick-ups will be mounted because the border is quite narrow. Any ideas on where to get one already made or how to cut out the inside part would be very very much appreciated. :smile: :smile: :smile:
 #101335  by hippieguy1954
 Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:44 am
jackevorkian wrote:armadillo guitar does nice custom parts
Thanks for the info! Much appreciated. I'll check them out right now. I checked out the web site and it looks like they specialise in Tele parts. Also they are closed until August. I think this guy is going to make me one.
:smile: :smile: :smile:
 #101345  by Utah Joe
 Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:22 am
Makes me glad that I ordered parts from Matt when I did. About two months ago I got a Wolf pickup ring, aluminum knobs, and selector switch cover.

Anyone know if it's possible to have the brass parts gold-plated?